One Billion Rising Steubenville Flash Mob

Today  in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse in Steubenville at 12:15 p.m. flash mob participants will perform a nearly five-minute dance by Broadway choreographer Debbie Allen to the song “Break the Chain,” written by Teva Clark.  One Billion Rising events will be held worldwide, including gatherings in Kent, Chardon, Cleveland, Fairview Park, Akron, John Carroll University and Notre Dame College.

Deb Lemire is the organizer of V-Day Akron and   coordinated the flash mob to coincide with One Billion Rising, a global activist movement that brings attention to violence against women and girls.  I have seen a lot of not so nice comments by some  individuals in Steubenville who are claiming that outsiders have ruined the reputation of their town.  I think it is awesome that outsiders continue to come to their town to bring attention to violence against women and girls.  These people are making a difference.   Perhaps those who are complaining could learn something from the “outsiders”.

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  1. Aaron

    “brings attention to violence against women and girls”

    What about bringing attention to violence against every human being?

    1. Annie

      It’s a completely different struggle, violence toward women is done simply because the victim is female. Seeing women as deserving of this violence just because of their gender is what needs to be stopped.

  2. Ann

    WOW! The video is POWERFUL!!!
    A bad light was put on Steubenville by some of the kids from Steubenville. Anyone who lives in the town that is unhappy with a light being shined on their town needs to look to the parents of the kids involved and the kids.
    Or they can simply turn it around in their head and say to themselves, look at how my town is standing up against Rape Culture! Now that’s something to be Proud of!!!

  3. Alice

    Once again Harold Star, over on RadioNewz, has spelled out, to those that want to talk crap about other’s right to freedom of expression, why a flash mob in Steubenville is a perfectly valid endeavor.

    1. BooBoo

      I saw the comments over at Radio’s. Some of those people (not Radio) are real assholes. Sorry no other word fits the description. Do they honestly think talking shit about something as nation wide as this that has raised thousands of dollars for victims, makes them look like good people? No it makes them look like idiots who would rather live in a rape culture than actually do something about it. What have all those who have sat on Twitter and blogs bitching about these rallies or flash mob done to better their community? Absolutely nothing! They are too busy spending the entire days and nights sitting on twitter trying to discredit Prin and others or try to “expose” Anons and why? They throw out the phrase, “don’t paint us all with the same brush” but isn’t that what they are doing? I don’t paint everyone in Steubenville with the same brush as them. They are complete idiots who are afraid to have their little world changed. The rest of Steubenville wants change for all of the community not just some.

  4. Rose7

    Never, ever give up ……!

  5. justmee


  6. Brandon King

    very touching

  7. Marion Baumgartner

    Schlimme und tragische Geschichte, das Opfer hat mein ganzes Mitgefühl (it’s bad and tragical, i feel with the girl…excuse my bad english..)….greetings from Austria

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Danke, Marion. 🙂


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