Doctor Indicted in Murder of Deanna Ballman

Ali Salim, 44, a New Albany, Ohio ER physician who previously worked at Knox County Hospital was indicted in the murder of Deanna Ballman and her unborn child by a Delaware County grand jury.  He was arrested at his home yesterday without incident.  I wrote about Deanna’s case last August when she went missing. Deanna disappeared on July 31.  She told her mother that she was going to clean a house in New Albany.  She had answered an ad on Craigslist.  She  left her two children, ages 1 and 3 years, with her mother in Pataskala.  Deanna had just moved back to the area from Colorado where she was an Army Reservist and was going through a divorce.  She was also nine months pregnant with a baby girl she planned to name Mabel Lily.

When Deanna did not come home that night her mother became worried and called Pataskala Police to report her missing.  She had received a phone call from Deanna that disturbed her.  She said Deanna had told her that she didn’t feel right and was feeling dizzy.  Deanna was due to deliver her child soon.   Deanna’s car was found in Delaware County when someone called the sheriff’s office to report that a car with Colorado license plates was parked in the grass near the tree line along the road.  Deanna’s body was found in the backseat.  A coroner’s report determined that she had died of a heroin overdose and her death was ruled suspicious.  Deanna’s family was adamant that she was not a known heroin user and maintained all along that she had met with foul play.

The autopsy revealed that Ballman had a puncture mark on her left thigh and possibly had heroin in her purse.

She also had morphine and codeine in her blood system at the time of her death and had morphine, monoacetylmorphine, codeine, acetylocodine and diacetylmorphine in her urine.

Ballman also had a 1/4 inch contusion on her left elbow.

According to, police officers responded to Dr. Salim’s  home 11 times in recent years.  Some of the incidents involved disagreements with women – two of the women claimed to have allegedly met on Craigslist.  It is alleged that he placed ads on Craigslist for “models”.

A Grove City woman had also reported her meeting with Ali Salim.  She thought she was going there for a “good paying modeling job” and when she arrived he wanted to paint organs of the anatomical system on her and take pictures.  Her uncle was with her and called police when Salim wouldn’t pay her.  You can hear the phone call on the video.

Salim was indicted on two counts each of murder (one for Deanna and one for her unborn child) and tampering with evidence, as well as single counts of rape, assault, kidnapping, corrupting another with drugs and abuse of a corpse.

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