Steubenville: Roll Red Role Models

If you have ever wondered why the kids in Steubenville behaved the way they did, all it takes is one look at the adults in town who are on Twitter.  Click the links to read their daily filth.


If you have ever wondered why these kids stood around and did nothing or bullied the victim in the following days – all it takes is one look at the behavior of the adults who coddle them.  Like this from Twitter user Judicious1_.  I am a German national.  My grandparents were forced to fight in the war and my aunt risked her life helping Jews flee the country to safety.  THIS is what the scourge of Steubenville finds entertaining.  Now you know why their kids behaved worse than a pack of rabid animals.

From the bigots of Steubenville.

From the bigots of Steubenville.


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  1. bpink

    When things go from being about RIGHT and WRONG to being us and them as stated by granny…. then there is either an intelligence issue or a mob mentality. Either way proves not smart people have computers. Also leads those on the outside to wonder if they were a lab experiment that went wrong. Now it wasn’t nice was it granny? Didn’t like seeing it? Neither does anyone else, Stop being stupid, you can you know. You and the rest of the “role models” that spew awful crap , are you like this in real life or does the computer give you power? It shouldn’t. There is no power to be gained unless everyone knows your name. No respect either. Now if you want to come clean and admit you have defamed Prinnie and Michelle, you might earn some, until then, you are just words on a computer screen. That is why you the collective have raised boys that rape and video it. They don’t help a girl in trouble because they are little yous…. Not men in the making. Not worthy of wearing a jersey from any respectable college. Nope they need to be brought back to basics. Right and Wrong. By spewing garbage online you have taught them that is how you get ahead. Its not… if you can’t be nice and civil at least keep quiet. BTW some of you listed above should probably seek professional help for your delusions. You might also understand that not reporting a crime is a crime. Defamation lawsuits are hard to win and threats are taken seriously by the courts these days. Even those made online. Now please get back to bringing up your children to be responsible adults that know right from wrong. Thank you. I don’t want my daughter around your sons until they are .

  2. anonymouse

    grannygeorge12 is Georgeann Tennant Allen who is Connie Lulla’s mom. JS

  3. not a big rape supporter

    This man is the voice of Steubenville and the hateful bitches love him.

    1. bpink

      Of course they do, he feeds their delusions and strokes their egos. Its sad that they had no higher intelligence than to allow that to happen, These “role models” are sick and twisted in their thought patterns. If they are an indication of how people act there I’m so glad I live in another state, We have our own rape culture to deal with, whats different is we know its here, and we are working to over come it. They can’t admit it is everywhere. Must make us on a higher rung than they are . Wonder if they will get that? Probably not. smh

    2. bpink

      ummm I do think there is something called free speech in this country and I don’t give a happy rats behind who has kids or not…. what I care about is the boys being around my daughters. Teach them better. Families of posters and bloggers are off limits unless they are involved in rapes…. dumbasses. aron you have never been respectful of anyone if they didn’t agree with you. Just like the rest of the delusional idiots.

      1. prinnie (Post author)

        No, in Steubenville there is no free speech as exhibited by the SLAPP suit filed last year. Everyone is to keep their mouth shut.

    3. bpink

      Mistakes? God makes no mistakes its the choices you make that are mistakes idiot. You sir have made many and taken the delusional crew with you. Guess we know who made mistakes now don’t we? Yes you …. since I know you all are reading this. I’ll explain it to you once again…. its about Right and Wrong…. Wrong to rape, wrong to hide it and wrong to make excuses for it. Goes back to how you teach your kids to behave . If you make excuses for their behavior then you end up with kids that don’t know right from wrong. Has nothing to do with God, has to do with raising your kids to know better. The only thing you seem to see is what you want to see. Take off the rose colored glasses and own up to the facts that those kids that were at the parties did nothing to help someone else. Instead they took pictures and put them online for the world to see. Did you not teach them better? How could you when you yourself are posting stupid garbage about someone else? See if you follow the train of thought you get to the one that says somewhere along the line these kids messed up. No excuses , no way to validate it… they made mistakes. It was a choice …. now figure out how to fix it. Until then I’ll keep my kids in a safer place.

  4. molly

    These women have no room to talk about anyone having or not having children.

  5. Flo

    Lovely people these steubenvilledramaqueens are. They have been talking trash about prinnie and myself for months now. There is never a day goes by that they miss a beat =tweet. Aronck is calling me a whore and has never met me nor does he know anything about my children. Which by the way are NOT illeginimate and not by different men. I am sure there are many women out there whom like me were married more then once.
    These people want to talk about character and attack me and my family. I wonder what that does say about there character. I pride myself in having stayed classy in the last year plus. So Connie Lulla makes a threat she will use SM to talk about people that are “close” to Prinnie. Just a reminder Connie who let you stay at my house when I moved? Anyone close to Prinnie? We don’t want to go there do we..Some friend you are at least I never s**** talked about you like you Mom did my Daughter. Classy lady she is.
    I believe the Steubenvilledramaqueens and their leader Aronck should just pack it up and accept what happened in Steubenville and what may be coming down the pipe. Prinnie did nothing the kids that posted their nasty tweets and raped Jane Doe did.

  6. CM

    The online behavior by these (classifying as “people” seems unjust to the majority of those a part to the norm of society). It is absolutely baffling to me that “grown-ups” could act like such Neanderthals in public (online). I’m torn between disgust, embarrassment for the town they *claim to represent, & pity for their families.
    Absolutely, with each & every tweet, they clarify more what degenerate behaviors their/associated kids are capable of. Lying, even perjury is by far the most trivial of offense. And defaming, stalking, bullying, harassing, & threatening- appears to be acceptable, & taught by example.
    Not only did they violate JD, but went on to humiliate her online, & then lead countless in the bullying & harassment of. Long past the part upon filing, where a victim of sexual assault & state witness, is supposed to be granted protection from that type of abuse. After trial doesn’t really count.
    I have no doubts these intimidation tactics used to avoid accountability for any wrongdoing, were used many times before, and likely since. The ongoing actions by the associated adults of, again only confirms that suspicion.
    It is without any wonder, why there were no witnesses coming forward for months. Given they had a visible junior-crew trolling social media or worse, using the exact same methods as their elders. Agenda only to silence their peers. Who by word of, or actual, attempted to speak out about the case. And made threats to those who had thoughts of speaking to investigators. Odd, or is it- That nothing was done by any authority in addressing it?
    Which brings us back to these grown cyber-stalkers. And just like their offspring, think nothing of public displays of online criminal-like behaviors. They openly target, plot, attack & harass, expose their personal info… then threaten either directly, or by obvious implication of harm. Not only random people interested in case, but journalist & bloggers. And relentlessly so of Prinnie, and a few other supporters, who won’t back down.
    What I cannot understand is why they do it, it defies any rationale. Possibilities of the 24/7 calculated efforts, have surfaced potential agendas by payroll- minions. Doesn’t look good either, when the likes of are linked to questionable officials. Or seen reporting of identities of targets to a certain official, & thanked for? The list of victims is growing.
    So why is it taking so long to remedy this cyber infestation??

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Here is what I want to know: WHAT does my deceased father have to do with any of this? These people are willing to disparage my entire family to slam me. So, why did their children do NOTHING that night? The answer is very obvious.

  7. aunt bee

    Follow the twitterstuff that has gone on non stop for mos by this bunch of loons. Their motives remain curious, just plain mean middle age women who still are playing HS games? they in fear of being uncovered for wrongdoing? deflect deflect deflect to keep focus off them and their offspring? Who knows for sure. Very evident this bunch laid the ground for the “bad seeds” the world came to know last summer. Adults who engage in nonstop bullying, ramp it up at every chance, lure in dumb followers(some in your list above) just so they can pretend to hang w/ the “cool kids” of Steubenville (again the middle aged clique of mean girls headed by cheerleader Jud.)
    Clearly about them, they will blame prinnie, it appears ’til the end of time for exposing the dirt of the town to the world.
    They’re a sick bunch. They went after your Dad to hurt you, that simple, they’ve pushed every button they could for mos and finally got you where you were still vulnerable. They are just mean, and wanted to hurt you, just like the bad teenagers they still are. For what it’s worth, may God continue to bless you with courage and strength, maintain your dignity, and may your father know in Spirit, we are grateful for his service.
    Don’t let these morons get to you, that’s what they want. All they have are ugly words, meaningless to those who can read between the lines

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you. I feel bad for their children — imagining the type of adults that they are going to grow up to be if this is how their parents act. Rena Koski White, a middle aged woman actually PULLED HER CAR OVER to the side of the road to photograph a passed out woman in Steubenville and then posted it on her Facebook with the caption “Steubenville’s finest”. Rather than HELP the woman, she posted her photo online to humiliate and demean her; sound familiar? There is a reason those kids behaved the way they did…and with every keystroke from their parents, supporters or others who still cannot accept accountability for their actions – it only pounds home the very obvious reasons for lack of empathy and bad behavior that night. They all need counseling.

  8. Faith

    Bravo aunt bee!!!!

  9. Kim L. Short

    A public display of depraved indifference toward the victim is Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul. Drop by and enjoy the soup.

  10. black cats

    I’ve wondered many times over the last year just what the average Emotional Quotient of this group might be. They are not stupid, yet persist in juvenile inappropriate behavior.

  11. jimmy

    An Ugly Rape Case Involving Vanderbilt’s Football Team Could Get Much Uglier

    This summer, five football players at the elite Southern school were arrested in association with the rape of an undergraduate. The events of the night in question are even more unsettling than had been previously reported.


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