Limberios Family Letter Writing Campaign

Several months ago the Limberios family came to me to help them get information about their son’s case out.  I was glad to help and things are picking up speed, although sometimes the wheels of justice do not turn as fast as we would hope.  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office is involved and a special prosecutor has been assigned to the case.  However, the Limberios family is trying to get national attention on Jake’s case and the poor investigation conducted by Sandusky County.

Don’t forget to mail out your letter’s tomorrow! Addresses are:

1. John Walsh
Po Box Crime TV
Washington, D.C 20016

2. Nancy Grace
1 CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303

3. Dr. Phil
5482 Wilshire Blvd. #1902
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Once again the Limberios family is very Thankful for everyone help and effort during this time.

From the Facebook group this is the letter they are submitting to the above:

Justice for Jake & Ella

18 Months or 550 Days of still not knowing what happened to Jake! If this was your child how would you handle it?

– Jacob Limberios was shot in the head and killed on March 2, 2012

– Three young people were in the house and gave inconsistent statements

– Sandusky County Sheriff’s office was notified – 2 officers and sheriff responded

– No detective was called to the scene neither was the coroner

– The witnesses were allowed to throw away their clothes and shoes – no evidence was collected

– The bullet was not retrieved and the gun was not tested

– Jacob’s clothes or body was not examined

– Witnesses admitted the gun was moved

– Sandusky County Coroner’s office ruled an “accidental suicide”

– The family exhumed Jake and took him to Renowned Forensic Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht for an autopsy
Dr. Wecht’s statement “in my professional opinion based on a reasonable degree of medical and scientific certainty, there is no way that Limberios could have shot himself, either by accident or suicidal intent. The shot had to be fired by someone else, Jacob’s death was a result of a homicide.”

– Sandusky County Sheriff’s department refused to investigate this any further

– Mike and Shannon – Jake’s parents only want to know the truth about that night

– At this time, The Ohio Attorney General’s office has taken over the investigation

– Please help the Limberios family, including Jacob’s 4 years old daughter, Ella, to find the truth. She does Not deserve to grow up thinking her Daddy killed himself.

The latest information can be found on : Facebook Justice for Jake & Ella or Twitter: @ JakeLimberios

– We are asking for National media attention to bring awareness to not only Jake’s case, But, so that NO other family has to endure this saga.
– No family should ever have to go through this

– The family has set up a nonprofit organization. Donations will be used to purchase a headstone for Jake’s grave, cover any additional legal expenses, and then to help others who have been wronged by the system.

– Please visit and sign the petition for “Jakes Law”. It would require all county coroner’s or medical examiners to conduct or order an autopsy on all violent or suspicious deaths and to increase the standard of qualifications for county coroners in order to ensure all deaths are properly investigated

– Media coverage on this please see Search Jake Limberios.

– Contact information if you would consider airing this story is Dan McGookey 419-502-7223 (Office) or 419-271-5094 (cell) Dan is the Family Attorney on this matter.

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