MISSING: Newborn Kayden Powell

Wisconsin police and the FBI are trying to locate a 5 day-old baby boy who went missing from a home in the town of Beloit, Wisconsin early Thursday morning.

Town of Beloit Police Chief Steve Kopp says the mother of Kayden Powell, Brianna Marshall,  contacted police immediately after she woke up around 4:30 Thursday morning when she discovered her son was gone. The home belongs to the great-grandmother of the infant where she lives with the baby’s father, Bruce.  A relative living in the home told police that the last time he saw Kayden was when his mother was trying to calm him down before putting him down for bed.  An aunt of Brianna Marshall’s from Colorado left in the night and was later pulled over in Iowa by law enforcement to determine if she knew where the baby was.  The baby’s parents were to be moving to Colorado with the aunt, and baby clothes were found in the car, but no baby.  She was arrested on fraud warrants out of Texas and is being detained.

Marshall’s cousin posted some interesting tweets earlier. I’ve attached a screenshot.

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  1. prinnie (Post author)

    The criminal complaint filed against Smith on Friday alleges that her cellphone contained emails in which she stated that she had given birth Feb. 5.

    Law enforcement found a prosthetic pregnancy belly inside Smith’s vehicle, according to the court documents. She had also posted on her Facebook page that she was pregnant.

    The document says she did not appear pregnant while in Wisconsin and did not appear pregnant when she was apprehended. Authorities then tested her for pregnancy, and the results came back negative.

    West Branch Police Chief Mike Horihan found the baby at 10:15 a.m., town of Beloit Police Chief Steve Kopp said in an 11 a.m. news conference.
    – See more at: http://www.gazettextra.com/Content/20140207/aunt_arrested_in_missing_baby_case#sthash.DgdMccrY.dpuf


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