Public Warning: Scammer Mac McQuown At It Again

Mac McQuown: Scammer and one who has stolen valor.

A few months ago I did a blog piece on Leonard Dale “Mac” McQuown, a man from Florida who had been walking across the United States claiming that his good deed was being done for the benefit of homeless veterans.  In 2011 McQuown allegedly founded a charitable organization called Operation Walk America.  McQuown used the “organization” as a ruse to solicit funds and convert them to personal use when no legally registered 501(c)(3) organization existed.  During the course of his “walk” and not so charitable fundraiser he defrauded many, including being at the center of romance scams along the way.

McQuown has no boundaries where his fraud is concerned.  If using the plight of homeless veterans is not bad enough, he has also played on the sympathies of individuals who he deceived into believing were donating an Apple iPad to a wounded veteran who was in a wheelchair and paraplegic.  As it would turn out, the   photograph that he used in which he claimed was that of a paraplegic woman from California, was actually one that he found on the web from 2005.  He used the picture for the purpose of defrauding a wounded veterans program.  McQuown  claimed that the woman had been injured while in a Humvee that was hit with an RPG when in fact she was injured in a car accident.  McQuown did not know this woman, but used her image in a wheelchair to garner sympathy, and ultimately the donation of an iPad from Soldier’s Angels which was for his personal use.  McQuown’s former girlfriend/event coordinator Lynn Grenier-Roberge admitted to The Fake Warrior Project that he had scammed Soldier’s Angels using the photograph of the woman in the wheelchair claiming that she was an injured soldier.

McQuown has walked a little over 3,000 miles in THREE YEARS.  Many others have tripled his pace who were actually doing legitimate walks and actually donated the proceeds of their walk to veterans organizations…unlike McQuown who has never provided an accounting of where his donations have gone.  McQuown decided a few months ago to hang up his boots but it has been learned recently that he plans on returning to his walk. He is gearing up by taking requests to run around his neighborhood.

This post being put up as a caution to those out there who might be tempted to fall for his line of garbage.  McQuown has not donated a dime to benefit homeless veterans.  His “walk” is nothing more than a rouse to fill his pockets with your hard earned money.


  1. Lynn

    Mac has also stated to me over the phone, that Sandra Ziebart *which is on his friends list* is also his WIFE… When asked when neither of them got a divorce his answer was “Because we don’t have the finances”… He then went on to state and I quote “My marriage is ON PAPER ONLY.” “There is no love there between us.” now I’m sorry but this scam sham portrays himself as a “God fearing man”…..

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      It is no secret that Mac uses dating sites to obtain his “marks”. It’s sad that he preys on the heartstrings of lonely women.

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  3. Gill Moore

    Be aware that an Aussie scammer is on the prowl for new victims! We (so far as I am aware) were his last victims and he departed here (France) in January – no doubt looking for pastures new and fresh vicitms to con. His CV includes car theft and impersonation. he has delusions of grandeur so impersonates ex military, ex Australian embassy, colonels in the military and in possession of numerous false passports. He changes his name when he crosses the country borders so could have any name if you have the misfortune to meet him! Here in France he was known to us as ‘Kelly Boulter’ and we encountered him through a volunteer / helper site. However, his real name is GORAN MARKOVIC and he’s also done two stints behind bars in the past, both in Australia and also Serbia. Please be aware and spread this thread as a warning to others to watch out for this parasitic con artist! One word of warning, he can be very convincing …… I don’t know how to attach a picture but it is on my FB account.

  4. Gillm

    In case of any doubts, I should add that a police report has been made and all information which I publish has been verified. he conned us (pensioners) out of €1500 and £250 on the pretext of being ‘good mates’ and he’ll repay us when we visit him at his home in Australia – this never materialised of course! False airline tickets were issued and all information he provided us with was false – including a false identity but he wasn’t quite clever enough and I tracked him down ……..

  5. KellyB

    I am responding to Gillm’s posting about the convicted criminal Goran Markovic. Goran Markovic has criminal convictions in Australia and Serbia for fraud related crimes. He is a professional serial criminal who subjected me to a sadistic scam last year in Europe in which he pretended to be an ASIO agent, Interpol Investigator, Colonel in the Australian RAAF and ex-RAAF pilot. He showed me documents (now proven to be fake) as well as staged a very elaborate and horrific scam in which he convinced me dangerous criminals and the Intelligence community were pursuing us. We lived like fugitives moving between different countries in Europe. Because of the abuse I was close to a complete breakdown and suicide. He uses many fake names- Scott Billinger, Adrien Albert Basile (and variations of this), Kelly Boulter, Guy Matthews, Gordon Maverick and others. He is about 5 feet 9, very thin, grey hair, blue eyes, rotten teeth, angular face with point nose. He is a chain smoker and addicted to pain killers. He often scams people by telling them his passport and documents have been stolen. He is driving my UK car- a dark blue Honda CRV- that he stole from me. He works in conjunction with his partner, Nicola Penny (Hounslow, UK) and his mother, Jovanka Arezina, (Blacktown, NSW). The scams were done so he and his partner Nicola Penny could take 3 expensive holidays together in Europe with their daughter when I was left to starve and sleep on the street. They stole $120,000 from my family and I. This scam lasted 7 months in Europe. Beware if you ever meet him.

  6. KellyB

    Goran Markovic is a relentless serial fraudster known to have criminal records in Australia and Serbia for many fraud related crimes. About 5 feet 9, very thin, tattoo right arm, very short grey hair, blue eyes, angular gaunt face with pointy nose, rotten teeth. Is a chain smoker and addicted to pain killers. Does many types of scams: spy scams, builder scams, selling fake Qantas and Australian visas etc Has been scamming and stealing in Europe for the past decade. Uses many aliases: Scott Billinger, Adrian Albert Basile (fake french passport in this name), Guy Matthews, Kelly Boulter, and many others. He is very convincing and very sadistic not caring what he does to his victims. Driving a stolen dark blue Honda CRV (UK reg YB52 HZN). Uses workaway and expat sites to find his victims. Fluent in Serbian and English, speaks German.

  7. kelly boulter

    The convicted criminal fraudster Goran MARKOVIC has been deported to Australia following his arrest and confinement in an immigration detention centre in France where some of his criminal activities finally caught up with him. Unfortunately he was not apprehended at the airport in Australia and is now on the run from NSW police who have warrants for his arrest. See the article in the Sydney Morning Herald for details and photos of him:


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