Steubenville Shrew Crew Head Cheerleader Unmasked

Debora Still of Steubenville, Ohio

For the past two years a number of Steubenville locals have used social media with the same MO as the kids did on the night of the rape in August 2012 – to bully, humiliate, harass and intimidate.  One of the more vitriolic and vapid users going by the name  “Jordan_Renee91” has been especially vocal in her spewing of hate and today her identity was revealed…by HER no less.  Apparently her #vintagecam app accessed the Twitter account that she used to bully anyone who supports me or anyone that spoke out against the Steubenville rapists or others.

Last night when she took a selfie, it auto posted to her Twitter account.  The picture was also cross-posted to her Facebook. Twitter users started calling her out about her faux paus and she now claims that she never posted any picture on her account and attempted the  “it wasn’t me” defense.  She deleted the photos from her account but screenshots were grabbed.

What’s the word I’m looking for here?  Oh…karma.  Yeah.  Deborah Still has used an anonymous Twitter account for the purpose of harassing and bullying for almost two years, and when she was outed – it wasn’t done by anyone other than herself.

Deborah Still has repeatedly tweeted to me for these two years demanding my attention, and I ignored her. Today I will address her.  Does this post come off as trite?  Perhaps, but as I sit here and think of how ugly some of the attacks on innocent people close to me were for the sole purpose to harass me – trite doesn’t matter.  Principle matters and finally being able to put a name to one of the vapid Big Red mouthpieces is a victory. She and her sister have both engaged in some egregious online behavior in support of Big Red and the not so innocent kids who started the whole Steubenville mess.

No one harassed this woman.  No one has posted photos of her family and no one has posted lies about her, but she has done all of these things and has made it a point that her mission is to “bully” me because she feels entitled to do so.





No, I am not harassing Steubenville locals. I’ve never even harassed you for the past two years that you have posted absolute lies about me and my family.  What I AM doing is voicing my opinion about the fact that Steubenville High School and its board – who are embroiled in moral and legal controversy chose to allow a Tier II registered sex offender to play football.  Football and the coverup that ensued to protect this football program are what brought this case to the forefront of what is now considered to be the case that will forever define what rape culture is.  That’s what I have been doing.  You, on the other hand, have not done a thing but continue to bring your town shame through your behavior.  What have YOU done to change the perception of your town?  Oh, that’s right.  Two years of maligning, harassing, intimidating, victim blaming and shit talking.  Go you!

I have gone nowhere. I’m still here speaking out that what happened in Steubenville is wrong.  The way the school board, the school and city leaders have handled this case is wrong and the way YOU and your chirpy cohorts continue to victim blame and praise a rapist is still WRONG.

Just wondering what her employer would think of her using their internet service to harass people online?

You are no innocent person.  In fact, I would venture to say that if your employer’s IT department were to review your web history they would find that their system has been used for the purpose of harassment.  I trust that you have also contacted Twitter support to inquire why someone else’s picture was accidentally posted to your Twitter account and your Facebook?


  1. judy metcalf

    you’ve just gotta love when a coward has nowhere else to run. now she has to own being the evil, hateful witch that she’s been anonymously. Oh, the irony of that one 🙂

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      She and the others have harassed and outed people for 2 years and I find it quite fitting that as much as they screamed about haters wanting to know who the “innocent housewives of Steubenville” were – that she outed herself.

  2. SamIAm


    Oh the mighty bullies shall fall. All I gotta say is…Yeah right!!! The person we have been calling her for two years just happened to accidentially post a picture on “Jordans” twitter. okayyyyyyy!?!?! Who is the liar???? DEBORAH STILL IS THE LIAR.


  3. Josh

    Glad to see this! I had enough of her hate and blocked her account some time ago.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I blocked her and the other fools long ago, yet they continue to @ me. I noticed that Deborah Still removed 20 of her photos from Twitter and quite a few tweets from her timeline. It’s okay – anticipating a cleanup in aisle 5 I pdf’d her account yesterday and have some old ones that I plan on utilizing.

      1. prinnie (Post author)

        To commenter that left the eyepopping info about the grad party — I wanted to let you know that I got the comment but am not going to post it. HOWEVER…why am I not surprised? These people do A WHOLE LOT OF projecting. Wow is all I can say is wow!


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