Deborah Still Reaches for the Sky

 Jordan_Renee91 Since being outed Deborah Still aka Jordan_Renee91 has pulled the “I was h4x0r3d” excuse and continues to dig her hole a little deeper on Twitter.  I am going to update this post and continue to post screenshots of all the Shrew Crew on the forum because it is important for people to realize that the kids behaved badly for a reason…the adults in their lives.  These people are bullies, liars, and victim blamers.

She has already alerted her work but she’s “not Deb”.  She has no desire to make anyone jobless, but she and her crew of hateful pals have not only threatened to contact employers, identified employers of those who they disagree with and have tweeted to employers…BUT she is worried about her own conduct at her employer? REALLY?  It sure hasn’t stopped her from Tweeting to my business account or others and maligning me and my business.  In short, DEBORAH…karma is a bitch and if someone does contact your employer and it is found that you abused their services and/or used their internet to harass, malign, bully or intimidate others – you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone to shed a tear for you.

Deborah Still thought it was fair game to go after my deceased father on Twitter because I “talked shit” on Coach Reno Saccoccia because rather than placing the blame squarely on their city leaders, high school administrators, school board and parents — they blame me.  They blame me for creating a “false narrative” of a coverup.  NOPE…that’s a FACT – Superintendent Mike McVey goes on trial next month for several crimes related to the coverup to protect either individuals or the school and/or football program.

She claims that she does not harass me, however, reading her Twitter timeline it becomes very clear what the purpose of Deborah’s account is for.


Kind of like the maturity that Deborah Still has exhibited over the last two years?  Oh, the IRONY is rich, indeed. LULZ  And why did she clean up her photos and timeline? Hmmm?


Clean up in aisle 5!!


I’m no math genius but something seems amiss here in the calculations.  Another Twitter problem, Deb?


  1. whatflosaid aka Marianne

    I beg your pardon Jordan_Renne91 your Twitter timeline is full of the name goddard Not alone have you harassed my Daughter you also called me an old Bitch. Well my dear you and you co-horts smeared my children s father name all over the net. I really don’t believe you know what an apology looks like, nor do you have or have had any intention to apologize. Since the beginning you and the other shrews have done nothing but harrased and bullied.

  2. Althat

    Wait, I thought a day or two ago she claimed she was never on your blog and that someone was a liar? But there it is, Aug 2013, her telling Radio that she had been there.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Yeah, well it’s pretty obvious that Deborah and the truth are strangers. Seems to be a common problem among her crew.

  3. Cindy

    Debbie Still/Jordan Renee 91 is a verbal abuser in her Steubenville ohio Neighborhood. Yelling, dirty names ect. I understand its legal to do ths. But really hard to take.


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