Reno Will Take Care of It

I found this comment on the Youtube video by ruckuslike and wanted to post it.  It has been said time and time again that “Reno would take care of it”, and that student athletes are considered local celebrities.

 [youtube_sc url=”” title=”STEUBENVILLE%20RAPE%20″]


  1. judy

    So, I’m guessing it took less than a minute for some Steubenville fans to decide that this was just written by a ‘hater’ who wants to bring Dow the football program. They’ll.never.wake.up.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I’m sure they will blame it on a “hater”. Their attitude for two years has been that anyone that speaks out against their program is trying to ruin their football program. The interesting fact about their allegations is that even after over 100,000 people signed a petition to remove Ma’lik from the team, they ignored it. After thousands upon thousands have repeatedly said that their actions are despicable and prove that wins are more important than females — they continue to do NOTHING. Every Friday, they continue to cheer as a convicted rapist and registered sex offender takes the field.

      Let’s face it: Steubenville High School and Big Red supporters could give a shit less about sexual assault and violence against women. It’s win over everything – even if it means glorifying a rapist.

  2. Bobby

    Written by a “hater” lmao this is a YouTube comment that you are posting on your blog as if it were true (Gee, you’re such a reliable blogger). I can leave a comment on YouTube saying I’m the descendent of King Henry VIII does that mean it’s true? Now you can disapprove my comment I could care less if your mindless lemmings cannot read it, because I know you are. It doesn’t change the fact that you Ms. Prinnie are filled with hatred. Slandering a high school student who served his sentence, returned to school and followed the schools rules of sitting out his junior seasons of basketball and track.
    You may think you know everything of the incident that happened in August ’12 from your lurking of social media as you have nothing better to do than hate your alma mater and dig up dirt. Newsflash you weren’t there and have no idea what happened. I have no idea why you are still trying to ruin these kids’ lives (maybe because this is the only subject you get clicks on and you’re still dragging it out IDK) you’ve done enough damage whether you want to say they did the damage to themselves or not I do not care.
    Ma’Lik did his time and returned to playing football which yeah he excels at and is probably going to be offered a scholarship for his talents (boy I bet that will leave a sour taste in your mouth) if not in football he still has a season of basketball and track to offer. There are plenty of other more horrible things going on in this world rather than two students who digitally penetrated a girl (not saying that’s justifiable so I wouldn’t twist that on me) you should spend more time researching on other more heinous and tragic matters.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Dear “Bobby”:

      Did I say PROVEN? Does it say FACT? No, it doesn’t. Those types of accusations have been made for years and I posted it. Perhaps you should get your facts straight. Alma mater? No. I never attended Steubenville High School. Slander is SPOKEN and not one word that has come out of my mouth about Ma’lik nor my keyboard is “slanderous” but an opinion that is held by hundreds of thousands of individuals who find what Steubenville Schools and city leaders think is a-okay — to be despicable. I do not know everything about the incident that happened in August 2012. I am not trying to ruin lives. They did that on their own when they posted about a rape online rather than doing something about it. Please explain to me why digital penetration is any different or less offendable than other types since you were sure to point that out in your comment?

      I research and follow a lot of things. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Bobby

    Say what you want honey just because you omit the words of you saying it’s a fact does not mean that is not what you believe-DID I SAY DIGITAL PENETRATION IS DIFFERENT AND LESS OFFENDABLE (saying there are plenty more things going on in this world does not imply that)?!!? Go ahead though keep talking about this case seems like the only thing your research goes towards besides a few other topics. Your last 11 of 13 (84%) blog posts are all related to Steubenville wonder why? Oh yeah I already stated because it’s the only thing that gets you “clicks”.

    You’re welcome for me stopping by though won’t happen again hun, you’re obviously too close-minded and ignorant to rationalize with. It is people like you who give feminists bad rep. Ma’Lik is on the team catching touchdowns and causing fumbles making the crowd go wild for his physical attributes a modern day gladiator beating the crap out of his opponents for cheer. Doing all the while also making an impression on college recruiters; no matter how many blog posts you post it won’t change a thing. Wouldn’t even bother accepting this comment and replying to it because I’m not visiting this mediocre (AT BEST) blog again, but hey do what you want, whatever butters your parsnips sweetie cya 🙂

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Honey, hun? Really? That’s so…just ick and shows YOUR ignorance.

      I have never said I was a feminist — EVER. In fact, I have said quite the opposite. I don’t attach a label to myself. I believe in equality for all. You want to call me close-minded but that’s exactly why you are here shitting up my comments with your very bizarre description of a RAPIST all the while glorifying him for what again? Oh yeah…football achievements and not even touching on the fact about other potential positives in his life. He should be speaking to his peers about his experience and mentoring others, however…he has done NOTHING other than toss a football to prove to his community that he has learned his lesson. That’s kind of the reason ALL of those little shits got into this situation to begin with — because football placed them in a position high in the community where there was no accountability for bad behavior, and adults lied and attempted to protect these student athletes because of their beloved football program. Putting him back on the field where he is once again being glorified and put on a pedestal teaches him or other boys NOTHING other than — don’t put your rapes on social media. That bitch blogger might find it and write about it.

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. m’kay?

  4. prinnie (Post author)

    Just curious “Bobby” — why can’t you say the two students RAPED her?

  5. whatflosaid aka Marianne

    Bobby calls himself a male only he portrays a wuss. His stink still lingers. I certainly hope that that no other High School team will put a convicted rapist on a pedestal. I very much agree that everyone deserves a second chance. The young man deserves an education ONLY. Playing football is a privilege not part of an education. The whole situation was created by young men that obviously were never told how to treat a young lady. This is one that will have Big Red Football and Steubenville on the map for the RAPE of a young lady.
    I support Prinnie 100% and am proud for her standing up for Jane Doe. A reminder for Steubenville HS parents teach your BOYS not to RAPE


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