Alleged Kicking Grounds for Suspension…but RAPE? PLAY BALL #STEUBENVILLE!!

CAMERON –The Cameron High School community is questioning a controversial call made at a Friday night game that resulted in a senior football player being ejected from the game and suspended for two games, with one of those games being “Senior Night.”Senior Dalton Wood was ejected from the Cameron-Beallsville game after a referee accused him of kicking an opposing player who was laying on the ground. However, due to a video of the alleged incident circulating on social media, many say they fail to see the supposed kick.

Making some residents even more upset is that there is no appeals process for ejections from games in West Virginia and Ohio.

For starters, I’m not an avid football watcher but to me – it doesn’t look like a kick. What it looks like is that he was trying to push himself up by pushing his leg out for thrust.  But …that’s not the purpose of this particular blog entry.  The purpose is the outrage from the local community over an alleged KICK as opposed to let’s say…CONVICTED RAPE.  I don’t think it’s a stretch for me to feel a wee bit aggravated at the number of commenters who are voicing their opinion about this suspension when just a short 50 miles up the river, there is a school that has a registered sex offender being applauded and glorified as he runs across the field every Friday night.

It brings forth questions:  Have these people who are so concerned about good sportsmanship  actually telephoned the OHSAA to ask why Ma’lik Richmond was being allowed on the field to play after a rape conviction and being on a sex offender registry?  How many of these concerned people called Steubenville High School to convey their disdain at the decision to allow a registered sex offender on the field?  How many of these concerned people have showed up on Friday night to protest?  How many of them are ticked off or agree with the NFL decision against Ray Rice and others but continue to do not much about the RSO on team Big Red?  Isn’t the outrage essentially about doing the right thing?  Using good moral judgment and demanding that athletes are held to a higher standard and behave accordingly?

There are plenty of comments from others about the Steubenville case because it leaves you scratching your head that an athlete could be suspended for two games for a “kick” that might not even have been a kick, but up the River of Denial Ma’lik Richmond continues to be rewarded by his community for a rape that was a rape.

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