Steubenville, Ohio: Planet Earth’s Epicenter of Rape Culture

Yesterday I wrote about Ma’lik Richmond’s upcoming court hearing to determine whether his Tier II sex offender status would be revised. I also posted screenshots from his Twitter account where he was referring to women as “thots” which is a derogatory term for whore or slut.  Based on his comments, it is my opinion that he has not learned a lesson.  He was at the center of an internationally reported rape case, but rather than keep his derogatory comments about women in private, he posted them publicly.  Did he think that no one would notice or did he even worry that his VICTIM might see his comments about girls?

Today Judge Lipps ruled to reduce the classification.  He stated that the goal is “continued rehabilitation”, but has Ma’lik Richmond been rehabilitated?  When Ma’lik returned to the football field this season the town cheered for him.  THEY CHEERED FOR A CONVICTED RAPIST!!  What kind of message is that sending?  I’ll tell you what it says – that if you are a good athlete it doesn’t matter if you commit rape – you get a hero’s welcome, and the women that you have violated are about as important as the waste that flows down the Ohio River and pollutes the town with the stench of filth.

The victim’s mother was in court this morning and told Judge Lipps that Ma’lik’s good grades and rejoining the football team does not prove that he has changed.  The reality when it comes to all of those who wish  to give Ma’lik a second chance is this:  Jane Doe will NEVER get a second chance.  EVER.  There are no do-overs for her.  Ma’lik Richmond, Trent Mays, Anthony Craig, Mark Cole, Evan Westlake, Michael Nodianos and every other person who tweeted or retweeted about her rape that night instead of doing something to stop it,  are part of the reason why she will never get  a second chance.  These horrible kids and their equally monstrous parents who continue to victim blame and shame her have assisted in creating  Jane Doe’s reality.  Through their continued actions and their previous lack of action, they have also forever changed the course of life for every single person who loves and cares about her.  Their reality is one of trying to move forward and support her every single day with some of the most disgusting words hanging in the air.  Their reality is trying to get through each day in the hope that if it’s a bad one that tomorrow might be better.

So, what has changed in Steubenville since this case made international attention? NOT A DAMN THING.  For two years there have been woeful cries from city leaders and others that their town has been painted in a bad light.  They have stated that  “outsiders” don’t understand or ‘they don’t know what they’re talking about’ and  the most ridiculous accusation as to why the world looks upon Steubenville as the backed up, overflowing toilet of the universe is because everyone is jealous of their beloved Big Red High School football team. Steubenville is EVERYTHING that is wrong when it comes to the perpetuation of victim blaming and enabling rape culture.

I’ve been reading comments on the WTOV9 Facebook page and am going to post some of them here.  I don’t know why I am so shocked.  Nothing has changed.  This community just does not believe that Ma’lik did anything wrong.  Other communities are taking immediate steps to investigate and punish high school athletes who have been accused of sexual assault or hazing.  There are consequences for rape everywhere but at Big Red High School.

This comment is extremely bothersome.  The commenter is the daughter of one of the main  BCI agents who investigated the Steubenville case.   Is rape a laughing matter to her?

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Additionally, here is just a sample of the continued victim blaming and perpetuation of rape culture in Steubenville, Ohio.  Apparently, if you play football or you are an athlete,  your athletic ability brings with it impunity and a lack  of accountability for bad deeds.

Linda Shuppas Malik , you have paid your debt and your are awesome child of God . And God has giving so much love from the Big Red Nation and the town and giving talent for academics and football .. You have an awesome future ahead of you do not let the ignorance of the world and this valley destroy or stand in your way … You are so better than them !
Olivia Webb Actually no ms Linda in not Nancy Snodgrass nor is she a idiot. Are you to get on her and talk about someone you don’t know with your internet guts none of the ppl degrading ever one that comments positively about malik Richmond to their face. If her parents would had any control over their child this wouldn’t have happened. Read the court case she brought the liquor from her parents house. And the fact she was drunk passing out at parties and her parents did nothing. Poor adult judgement now your choosing to talk like this about a mother with daughter who works hard to provide and look she made sure they was monitored. Unlike this victims parents
Linda Shuppas Olivia Webb I wouldn’t feed into their ignorance cause if they read the court case they were convicted on a old law saying if a girl/ woman is penetrated by anything is consider raped they never had sex with her .. The people who comment are the definition of Ignorance and etc I dnt feed into the Ohio Valley Narrow Minded Ignorance !! I focus on my children & support Malik in an means necessary !!
Janese Boston I’m sorry but yall keep acting like he’s going to go on a raping spree. He’s a handsome guy. Made a mistake oh well but I’m sure he doesn’t have any problems getting girls.
Charnelle Carney The girl is a known whore who cried rape. Anyways im happy for him an now he can contunue his life. Get over it. He paid his debt to society so now stfu! He is a good young man that i know! Everyone makes mistakes… sime worse than others. Passing judgement make yall look dumb af. Just make sure yall teenage daughters dont go out drinking and being sluts and they will be alright. Not saying what happened if that happened at all is ok but shut up and let it go.
Charnelle Carney Thats dumb… so he cant play football with a bunch of other boys bc a whore cried rape and he was convicted? Dumb… just dumb. Leave the boy alone.

Here are just a few of those who agree with Charnelle Carney‘s statement: Timmy Lawrence, Tishawana Terry Damaneisha Trinmarikai Lauren Ashley Sierra Mariie Taylor Chappell

Cookie Karamanolis as noted above doesn’t feel compassion for Jane Doe.  Cookie looks to be old enough to be someone’s great grandmother and according to her Facebook profile, she is a retired nurse from Trinity Medical Center.  Her attitude is  indicative of so many others in Steubenville, but the fact that some of the nasty comments are coming from nurses is absolutely horrifying.  Nurses are supposed to be compassionate and empathetic.

I am so disgusted by some of these comments that I can’t even put into words how it makes me feel.  Disgust.  But that doesn’t seem like a fitting enough word to describe my emotions when reading their filth.  I feel dirty reading some of this, but just knowing that these people have daughters, sisters, mothers and other women in their lives makes it even more repulsive that they would be so cruel and unkind as to blame someone for being raped.

Debbie Bain Sues, he served time according to the judges order! not one of us were there. the victim in this case has a very very bad reputation. she has been seen at many partys just like the one she was at in the case, not long after this case had ended. how do anyone of us know that there was a rape? or did she cry rape because her father,who is a Dr. found out about her at this all boy”s football party. a party that wasn”t even for her school. but ur right in the sence that it”s all a shame. and sad.

Nothing has changed.  Ma’lik hasn’t changed because his community hasn’t forced him to.  Has he volunteered to speak to other youth about rape and underage drinking?  Has he learned to respect women?  No.  No, he hasn’t.  I have taken the opportunity to tag the names of some of the locals who continue to victim blame.  I hope they don’t mind when their family, friends or peers Google them and find their names attached to a post about the many vile excuses for human beings from Steubenville, Ohio who continue to perpetuate rape culture.

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