Trent Mays & the Lunatics of Steubenville

Trent Mays was released from juvenile detention yesterday and apparently cried in court.  Boo hoo.   I am having a hard time mustering up sympathy for him.  He is out of his “prison”…Jane Doe is forever bound by the actions of he and his friends.  She doesn’t get “do overs”, and there is no part of me that is hopeful  of his placement back into society.  Second chances?  Nope.  Don’t care if he gets one.

His attorney released a statement on behalf of his family that has my ass a bit chapped.

“The Mays family is elated to be reunited with their son after this trying ordeal. Trenton has excelled during his rehabilitative process, and has earned the right to be released. He is an extremely promising young man, eager to prove himself on behalf of his family and his community. The family would appreciate their privacy during this time together, which they have so longed for.”

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Their privacy became a non-issue when Trent and his friends decided to use the internet to humiliate and demean Jane Doe by bragging about her rape.  Trent did this to himself and if he never has a moment’s peace because of his actions then it’s a moment too soon as far as I’m concerned.

As usual the Steubenville Rape Supporters are out in full force on Facebook spouting off their backwoods mentality about the case and demanding that these poor boys be left alone because they did their time.

Karen Jobes-Davis and Debbie Bain shouted their victim blaming from the rooftops on the WTOV9 Fan Page.  If you want to get grossed out, go take a look at some of the other tripe they are spewing.

Karen Jobes-Davis – defender of rapists


…and then there is this.   I would like to address Georgeann Allen’s comment.  For starters, I have NEVER had a beef with the entire city of Steubenville nor the police department.  In fact, I feel bad for the GOOD people of Steubenville who have the misfortune of Georgiann Allen being a public mouthpiece for their town.

Furthermore, I don’t care if a woman sleeps with an entire football team or the entire Navy fleet…if she does not consent IT IS RAPE.

I pray that Georgiann  never experiences rape in her personal life.  Statistically, it could happen as 1 in 5 women are raped.  I pray that she never has to feel the pain of watching someone she loves having “to live with this the rest of her life”.  Rape doesn’t go away…ever.  The aftermath of rape comes with a lifetime of emotional pain and reliving the assault.  I pray that Georgiann never has to look into the eyes of her loved one and tell them with a cold heart that maybe because she “slept around” it makes her “just as guilty” and that she deserved to be raped.

THIS is what is wrong with the lunatic fringe of Steubenville.   They still don’t get it and the good people of Steubenville are tired of their bullshit.

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You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. Marianne

    They still don’t get and they never will. Until one day heaven forbid it’s one of their own. I would not have expected anything positive to be said by those that always lived in denial. As the saying goes Karma will bite them in the butt one day. I pray that Georgann gets a double dose of Karma for all the evil things she has spewed in the last two years.

    Sad that certain people still don’t get it. Even worse that the many good people of Steubenville have to listen to their Bullshit.


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