#FRAUD Mac McQuown Grifts Again

Last year I wrote about Leonard “Mac” McQuown who was walking across America under the guise of raising money for homeless veterans.  He was met with scrutiny along every step of his journey because he had defrauded others in the name of our veterans before.  Well…a grifter’s gonna grift and I have been alerted that he is preparing for yet another “walk” in the name of veterans.  In 2011 McQuown allegedly founded a charitable organization called Operation Walk America.  McQuown used the “organization” as a ruse to solicit funds and convert them to personal use when no legally registered 501(c)(3) organization existed.  During the course of his “walk” and not so charitable fundraiser he defrauded many, including being at the center of romance scams along the way.

McQuown has NEVER shown proof that ANY veterans organization has received donations.  In fact, legitimate veterans’ organizations have stated publicly that he defrauded them out of money.  Ravens Outreach went public regarding McQuown’s  paypal donation.  McQuown was under pressure to prove that he was giving the money to veteran’s programs, and he posted screenshots of an alleged paypal donation to prove that he was giving the money to veterans’ programs, and then he rescinded the donation.

He has a new website salutesandsoldiers.com and makes similar claims from his previous grifts across America.  Again, if you want to donate your hard earned money, please make sure that the person is reputable.

More on Mac here at Scotty’s blog and from thisainthell.us.


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  1. Angel Vargesko

    1. Anyone who has ever volunteered at a Homeless Shelter can tell you they don’t allow walkins 2. Lenny the Loser is semi-literate & boring so there is no way he could ever write a book 3. Last but not least he has an OTH Discharge which prohibits him from being a part of any LEGITIMATE Veterans Events ( the V.FW. & A.L. do not allow disgraced posers to participate in anything )

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      It is embarrassing watching him come up with stories on the fly to keep up with his charade. It’s also sickening how he continues to use honorable men and women who have served as the platform for his fraud. If he thinks he is going to have a griftathon minus those who are watching him like a hawk — he’s sorely mistaken. He hung up his boots the last time because good people made sure that everyone along his way knew what a scumbag he was.

      Maybe it’s time for him to get a job.

  2. Pat

    I googled Mac McQuown because of some suspicious Posts on a community Facebook page. This Mac is an affiliate of a company and makes money by7 the number of people that sign up under him. The claims of the money and success he’s having are over the top outrageous. I think he’s scamming people. Can you investigate ? Contact me for more detailed information.


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