Battered Wife Needs Financial Assistance

10928823_1430854140558066_3300534256720408294_nA few months ago a woman contacted me on my Facebook page to reach out to me for help.  She is a victim of domestic violence and what broke my heart is the terror she felt for her pets.  She didn’t want to go into a shelter situation because she would not leave her pets behind.  Honestly, knowing how much I love my own pets – I could understand her desperation.  Given the choice what would you do when faced with shelter or the possibility of your pets being abused as well by leaving them behind?

I reached out to some resources for her and hoped for the best.  She created an exit plan and has recently filed for divorce.  After being granted a restraining order against her husband, she appeared in court today and the Judge ordered her out of the house by May 8th.  Again, she is in a situation of desperation because she has nowhere to go and will not leave her pets with her abuser.  She sent me this email and I wanted to post it with some photos and ask that you share her crowdfunding page so that she can obtain safe shelter with her pets.  She has three dogs and two cats.


I have been abused and terrorized by my husband of three years and common law husband of 14 years.

He abused me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  He terrorized my pets.  On Feb 26 he abandoned us with nothing.  I filed a protection order and now we are divorcing.

Today, despite an amazing abundance of evidence, the judge ordered ME out of the house with 3 dogs and 2 cats on May 8.

My attorney with 20 years experience AND the project safeguard advocates all said they have never seen such a ridiculous order.

I have no money, have only been doing day labor and now will be homeless.

I am Kate of Aurora CO.  This is a horrendous ruling beyond the imagination of anyone familiar with the legal system.

Any help will be forever grateful for.  Thank you and blessings.


You can assist her or share her page by clicking here.

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