The Twisted Life of Gypsy Rose Blancharde

A few weeks ago, a friend posted on my Facebook about a missing persons/murder case in her hometown of Springfield, MO.  The mother of a disabled girl was found stabbed to death in her bedroom, and the disabled daughter was gone – nowhere to be found, and her wheelchair was left behind.  A strange message was posted on the Facebook account that they shared.  That in itself caused me to give the ol side eye.  Gypsy Blancharde was allegedly in her late teens yet shared a Facebook account with her mother?  The message posted said “That bitch is dead” followed by an equally disturbing “I fucken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER…HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO FUCKEN LOUD LOL.”

When friends of the Blanchardes couldn’t reach them by phone, they became worried that something was wrong.  It was then that a neighbor crawled into the house and not finding anything amiss, the police were called who entered the house to find Claudinnea “Dee Dee ” Blancharde face down in her bedroom and stabbed to death. 

Breaking news overnight in the search for a missing mother and daughter. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the body of 48-year-old Claudinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde was discovered inside her home.

“This situation has taken a very tragic turn. Ms. Blancharde was an apparent victim of foul play and her daughter Gypsy is still missing,” stated Sheriff Jim Arnott.

On Sunday, several concerned friends and neighbors called 911 to check on Claudinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde and daughter Gypsy Blancharde. Deputies were dispatched to their home located in the 2100 block of North Volunteer Way in northern Greene County.

When deputies arrived just before 3:30 p.m., several friends and neighbors were already at the home. One of the neighbors had entered the residence through an unsecured window and told deputies that no one was inside.

Alerts were put out to be on the lookout for the disabled Gypsy Rose and speculations were being made about her safety since her wheelchair was left behind.  Gypsy Rose Blancharde and her mother arrived in  Springfield from Louisiana 3 years after claiming that Hurricane Katrina  had destroyed everything that they owned.  Gypsy allegedly had muscular dystrophy among other health ailments that kept her in a wheelchair, and having to seek medical attention via Angel Flights for various health conditions.

On June 15 the community was reeling because Gypsy was missing.  Dee Dee and Gypsy had become well known residents of Springfield.  Habitat for Humanity built them a home, and many in the community donated items, money, and other services to accommodate them.  From the many Facebook posts, they were beloved.

I still see their precious faces a few weeks ago when we ran into them at the Mall-they were so happy and invited us to come up and go with them to the Zoo-it was their favorite place. And we were planning to do that-so sad.They were here in aurora when they were first rescued from katrinia. I had the honor and privilage to meet them at the llocal hospital during the year we had the bad ice storm. My daughter and I shared a room with them.I thought I was a good Mom but she was the best Mom I have ever known. They were precious.  (source)

And then a mere few days later everything that everyone in Springfield, MO THOUGHT they knew about the Blanchardes came crumbling down.  The IP address from the message posted on the shared Facebook account named Dee Gyp Blanchard,  traced back to an IP address of a computer in the home of Godejohn in Big Bend, Wisconsin.  Gypsy was found there with her boyfriend and a SWAT team was assembled to remove them from the home and into law enforcement custody after a brief standoff.  Gypsy walked out on her own.  As it turns out, she was able to walk quite well and without assistance as she had previously been unable to walk at all due to her many medical problems.

As it turns out…Gypsy is not physically disabled at all.  Photo after photo is found on their shared Facebook page and other sites for fundraising showing Gypsy in hospital beds, or in wheelchairs at various conventions with mother by her side…all on the dime of their unsuspecting public.  In the days since the faux abduction/kidnapping or whatever it was that Gypsy and Godejohn planned on claiming it has been revealed that Dee Dee Blancharde and Gypsy Rose Blancharde had been involved in a very LONG running financial fraud scheme using Gypsy’s fake illnesses to profit.  She was never wheelchair bound.  She never had cancer even though Dee Dee would shave her head to make it appear that way.  She never had leukemia that caused her teeth to fall out, even though it is now being told that Dee Dee gave her seizure medication that caused her teeth to fall out.  She never had spina bifida and she was never sick.  The Blanchardes faked Gypsy’s illnesses so they could steal money from good hearted people.

And it now seems as though Dee Dee wasn’t about to let Gypsy go off with a boyfriend because that would have broken up the financial fraud scheme they had going on.  Gypsy allegedly met Godejohn on a free Christian dating site about two years ago.  They were communicating via the internet and on the dating site.  Recent search warrants have revealed that they were discussing Dee Dee’s death years ago so they could be together.

A Greene County Sheriff’s Department investigator told a judge that he found Facebook user names of Nicholas Godejohn, Nicholas Bella Rose, Snowgypsy  Blanchard, Gypsy’s Trip, Bella Rose, and Gypsy Rose.  The investigation also identified Facebook accounts connected with several email addresses.  The search warrant application obtained copies of Facebook messages exchanged between Gypsy and Godejohn; the documents made public on Thursday don’t identify the contents of the messages.  (KY3 News)

These pics were found on Reddit.  I haven’t seen anywhere that they have been verified to be Gypsy Rose, but it sure resembles her and she and Godejohn were into some pretty crazy stuff online.

I’m not sure where I stand on this case.  Dee Dee Blancharde is dead at the hands of her daughter’s boyfriend while  Gypsy Rose hid in another room as he stabbed her mother to death.  Some might argue that Dee Dee tempted karma with her many years of grifting and fraud, but she is still someone’s sister, daughter, loved one.  On the flip side of that is Gypsy.  Gypsy’s life is over because she probably will end up in prison for murder, but her life was over long before at the hands of her mother’s frauds who is looking to have forced her into being a part of the scheme…until Gypsy found love.

I’m sure as more details continue to come out that this case will continue to be shocking and one of those that makes you shake your head as in “Wow…didn’t see that coming”.


  1. Tom McCulloch

    Free Gyspy Rose Blanchard just free her now FREE HER NOW

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I think of her often and what she went through at the hands of her mother. If you have seen her DOC mugshot, you can tell she is doing very well and finally flourishing now that her mother isn’t slowly killing her via Munchausen’s. While Dee Dee is a victim in her own right, it is hard to find her to be a sympathetic victim. It’s something that I struggle with about this case. I feel terribly bad for Gypsy and what she went through her whole life.

  2. Monika Blair

    Honestly, I think she needs this structure and seems like she is getting the help she needs. She was able to get a young man to kill for her, so I don’t doubt she could’ve reached out for more help. So many people decide not to do anything. Kudos to the neighbor.


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