“What Do You Have on Prinnie?”

1011 2015 #366 - 'Out prinnie Photos and videos by Stop FameWhore Levi (@FamewhoreLevi) I Twitter' - twitter_com_FamewhoreLevi_media“What do you have on Prinnie that can help KY go after her?”  Now why would Donna Fosnight contact someone on Twitter in an attempt to glean information from them?  Surely she wasn’t trying to get my address so she could send me a Christmas card.  Nope, but what she was doing here on October 11, 2015 is what she has been doing for 10 years.  Slinking in the shadows of DM’s or rogue emails to people who have issue with me and making contact with them for the purpose of harassment.  I’m not surprised.  As I said, she has been doing these things for 10 years.

Ten years is a long time to have to deal with a stranger invading your personal life.  Long before dealing with some of the harassment I experienced because of Steubenville, Donna and a small group of individuals have made it their life’s work to use the internet to defame me, harass me and attempt to destroy my character.  To be honest, if I didn’t have thick skin I would have packed it all up and gone home long ago.  This shit takes its toll.

Law enforcement’s idea of dealing with these situations is to advise you to “turn off your computer” and it will go away, and this could not be further from the truth.  It doesn’t go away.  The fictitious garbage that she and her ilk have put online about me for years is still there whether I turn my computer off or not, and why should  be forced to turn my computer off?  I’m not the one engaging these individuals.  Block them…doesn’t matter. They just create sock accounts to @ you on Twitter and pound out their 140 character missives.  Block the sock account, and they create another one because you didn’t give them the attention they were wanting.  Call them an asshole, tell them to get a life and to go away and OMG the feigned wails of indignity begin.  YOU are now the bully and the cyber-asshole for daring to comment on their juvenile behavior. In their minds, it is now YOU who is a stalker, a harasser, a malicious puke who is intruding on THEIR Twitter life.

When they project and accuse you of doing things that they have actually done:  contacting employers, contacting associates or family members, posting malicious and untruthful “statements of fact” about you online.  Turn your computer off, they say.  When is enough enough?  Does fighting back become okay after someone is using the court system to file bullshit and trumped up restraining orders because you have favorited or liked some tweets?  Is it okay then to defend yourself?   How long does someone have to turn the other cheek in these situations?

I have been accused of so much bullshit by these idiots that I seriously could write a book on it.  Most of it would be hilarious if they weren’t mentally unstable sociopaths who just keep their antics “online” rather than meatspace.  But they don’t just stick to online harassment.  It has gone way beyond that, and to be honest…I’m tired of turning the other cheek because that doesn’t work and never has.  I should not be expected to sit in silence while these cyber freaks try to destroy me.

During the peak of the Steubenville case, there were many nasty things said about me and my family.  One being that my mother “fucked dogs”.  Was that egregious enough to warrant litigation?  Sure it was. It was disgusting, disrespectful, vile and so many other adjectives could be used for that particular commentary, but want to know why I didn’t file lawsuits?  For one, defamation suits are very costly and take a long time to resolve, but more important than that is — even though someone wrote something THAT horrendous about my mother online…that is their opinion and while it was obviously very untrue, IMO that asshole was exerting his right to free speech.  It was ugly, distasteful and absolutely hurtful, but it was speech that wasn’t going to affect my real life unless I let it fester in my brain and my dear mother obviously is not into bestiality.   Horrible things were said, but  I cannot honestly and sincerely champion free speech, and then turn around and sue to suppress it.  That would make me a hypocrite.

I am not a subtle writer.  I cuss and use language at times that is considered “unladylike”.  I don’t beat around the bush when I write, and I am very vocal in my opinions.  I’ve been told that my writing causes a visceral reaction that at times scares people. Maybe because I get so passionate in my opinions I feel as though using strong language is the only way to best describe what I am feeling and what’s in my brain.  I don’t threaten people.  I would never EVER make any kind of threat of physical harm.  That is not who I am.  My thoughts/words are the equivalent of public opinion and have never carried over into real life action.  I have never DDoS’d anyone.  I have never called their work.  I have never sent flyers to a neighborhood – although I’ve been accused of such.  I have never contacted someone’s family member.  But these mentally defective individuals believe that I have and have done these things to me, my family and friends and SO MUCH MORE.  There is no proof of their accusations…only what is in their sad, misfiring synapse, delusional minds.

And so, here we are today at the crossroads, standing on the top of this shit heap where their criminal stalking and harassment has come to a head.  The situation has moved into real life with bullshit restraining orders being used  as a method to suppress public speech by accusing others of cyberstalking and harassment when the truth is – we are being stalked and harassed.  The abuse of process is so egregious that I have filed a formal complaint with the DA in Forsyth County, North Carolina, as have others. The individual who has filed these RO’s has not only victimized me, but others as well.  He has made threats and attempted to extort them into doing their bidding; he has accused a grieving father of murdering his own child; he has mercilessly targeted these women online and terrorized them with his affiliation of Anonymous.  He has victimized a young mother and made light of her stillborn child, and accused her of kidnapping a fetus.  My God, the list goes on and on, and I cannot in good conscience just sit by and remain silent any longer.

This is going to end.  These subhumans are going to stop.  When speech leaves the internet and infiltrates real lives…that is where the buck stops and while I will always champion free speech – this is behavior that I will simply NOT turn the other cheek for.






  1. Tachyon

    There’s nothing more an unloved, jealous woman. She and her kind can only find validation by trying to hurt other people. Keep writing, Prinnie. You do great work and great things.

  2. KY Irrelevant

    Good for you on taking action against Derpic’s BS! Enough is enough! Looks like Dunner, aka Fletcher, doesn’t like to be called out for her fuckery. LMAO she’s blowing a gasket! It’s ok for her to mess with people, but let them defend themselves against her defamation and off she goes! The world would be a better place if Dunner and Derpic were incarcerated for a very long time.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Something is so wrong with her. All of the things that they have accused me of are IMO projection. They do these things. I’m just tired of it, and I don’t think I should be silent about it anymore. Ten years is a long time to put up with this crap.


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