Sociopaths Don’t Have Social Boundaries

Recently I wrote about the less than legal attempts to suppress public speech by misusing the domestic violence protection act as a weapon and I have learned that this blog is in the line of fire from a certain litigious ass monkey.

Claims of “harassment and defamation” against myself and others have been levied under the guise of “stalking”, and in the same breath said litigious ass monkey has viciously libeled, defamed, humiliated, and tormented the family of Heather Elvis, in which her father was accused of unspeakable and UNFOUNDED acts.  Lest we forget the California woman who was viciously harassed, libeled and defamed by creating a website in her name to post untrue information about her, and making fun of her stillborn child.

What I find most disturbing is that a local district court has issued ex parte orders against others and have done so based on the perjurious statements made by LAM.  These preliminary injunctions constitute prior restraint.  There were no threats of harm, etc., and any allegation was based on either favoriting or retweeting content from Twitter, and of course, the outright lies by withholding information from the Court by only providing partial context to conversations, some of which didn’t even refer to him.  This action, in my opinion, is a violation of First Amendment rights.  The individual who provided perjured statements to the court certainly isn’t harmed by the court’s actions.  He’s still harassing and stalking those he claims to be threatened by.

My “German immigrant” status has been mentioned to aforementioned court.  I’m not sure why my citizenship status is any different than the thousands of other immigrants who call the United States their home.  In my opinion, these allegations and innuendo are hate speech.  It seems to be a particular point of contention with the man who is stalking me,  and one which he refers to regularly, even so far as posting a photograph that I took of the Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services building alleging that an “immigrant” or non-US citizen was taking pictures of federal buildings…as if my photographing of local architecture is somehow nefarious and/or terrorist because I am not a US citizen.  William Murtaugh aka Murtwitnessone is another one who has printed hate speech regarding my immigrant status.  I’m not surprised that he and Dunner have recently “teamed up” with litigious ass monkey.  Murt and his new pal have gone so far as calling the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office to determine if they are the subjects of an investigation.  It’s what Murt does, and has done for almost a decade.  He and the other miscreant are torn from the same cloth.

While I am on the subject of  “stalking”, some questions come to mind.  Does calling someone’s property manager while pretending to be a private investigator in an attempt to obtain address verification qualify as stalking?  Does calling local businesses where  geolocation software was utilized to pinpoint location of a summer job and asking said businesses for employment verification qualify as stalking?  How about making contact with someone’s employer of almost 10 years ago and asking questions about past employment?  Does that qualify as stalking?  How about researching someone and not only posting their name and personal photographs but also identifying work information, her address, and a recorded telephone conversation with her employer.  (Sound familiar?)   Or maybe those instances of stalking aren’t shitty enough, so maybe sending subpoenas to every IP that hits your website in an attempt to obtain personal identifying information so you can file more bullshit RO’s against some innocent person who was probably just following along and reading said fool’s self made e-drama.   Do all of these instances qualify as stalking?  (That’s a rhetorical question, folks…we all know exactly what it is.)

Some would say, “Oh just ignore him…he will go away.  Turn off your computer, pretend it’s not there”, but that isn’t the issue and that is not going to stop him.  This isn’t just happening on the internet.  He has taken his fight real world, and has lied to the court in an effort to abuse a system that was meant for actual victims.  Not only has he filed maliciously intended criminal arrest summons, which by the way have been DISMISSED by the State of North Carolina, but he has submitted perjured subpoenas and testimony.  He doesn’t care who gets in his way while he is trying to destroy lives.  He will take them out, too.  So, I did what I felt was necessary and filed a petition for civil protection order.  I didn’t file it because he said mean words about me on the internet.  He can call me a fat bitch all he wants.  It really doesn’t hurt my feelings.  That’s his opinion and he is entitled to it, but my private offline life is none of anyone’s business.  Period.  I filed the CPO because he is stalking me offline.  I do not live in the apartments that he was trying to get information from, and no, I do not have to give my address to anyone in order to submit to civil summons.  I certainly do not want these dangerous people to have my address.

He is to appear in court in Columbus, Ohio on April 5.  I’m sure he will ask for a continuance, and that’s fine. He is legally entitled to one.  In the meantime, I will be working on my case against him in Ohio, and building one against him in North Carolina.  I have already filed complaints with several state agencies, and plan on filing more.  It is one thing to file truthful and valid complaints with the court for illegal behavior, but to falsify allegations of criminal behavior is reprehensible, and I will not tolerate it a moment longer.  I have never threatened anyone with violence…ever.  It’s not who I am.  I have never filed a court action against anyone for shit talking or harassing me online even though there has been more than enough evidence over the years to warrant doing so, however, my patience is worn thin and it is time to stand up to some of these people legally where there is legal standing to do so.  As far as the detective that the two numbskulls claim I have had communication with, that is also a lie. I had never heard of him until he and Murt posted his name.  The Columbus Police officer who took my complaint was a woman.

I don’t plan on backing down.  Either the RO’s in North Carolina are tossed out or I will obtain local counsel and defend the allegations  We shall see what the coming days bring forth.



  1. Tituba

    Nor should you back down. He’s become so paranoid and vengeful that even a retweet or fav is considered to be stalking by him. He always says how his wife is being harassed and is depressed and crying everyday.One glance at her facebook tells a far different story. He lies easier than he tells the truth and one day very soon all of his lies are going to come home to roost. As for Donna and Murt, they can both suck a fart, they are hangers on and clingers. Maybe I should reveal the DMs Donna has recently sent me about him.. but I’ll keep them for another day.

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