Law & Order Perceptions

I found this post on Facebook pertaining to the State of SC vs. Tammy and Sidney Moorer, and found it interesting.

The state of SC has had the opportunity to clear the air. They charged a man and his wife of kidnapping and killing Heather Elvis. Yet they have not provided any direct evidence to support these claims. Even worse, they jailed this couple and hid their lack of evidence behind a gag order. Here we stand more than 2 years later and there are still more questions than answers.

This couple has been tried publicly and the consensus is they are as guilty as sin, but we still do not have proof a crime occurred, much less that the Moorers are responsible.

How can a government authority have this much power?

Imagine you are arrested on false charges…

The state hides its investigation from the public’s eye and issues a gag order to prevent showing the public the mistakes and improprieties that took place.

The state covers it up by lying, saying it is the most heinous crime they have ever seen.

The state digs for any crime to charge you on so it can ransack and rummage through all of your personal belongings hoping to find more evidence to use against you.

The state allows rumor and here-say to spread like a southern wild fire and the court of public opinion swiftly turns against you.

The state can’t find any direct evidence yet they selectively pick and choose what evidence it wants to use that makes you look guilty.

Everything you have said and done, no matter how long before or after the so-called crime took place will be used against you to paint you as guilty.

The state comes up empty, however, to save face, it presses on with charges against you, because of public pressure.

You don’t really have to use your imagination because to me this looks and feels exactly like what has taken place so far with the Moorers. They have been accused of a heinous crime without a single piece of evidence to back up the claims. The state says it is to “protect the evidence” but all it proves is SC has done everything to protect its power. The people have the right to know what’s really going on!

Facebook allows for the public discussion of criminal cases, but many who are discussing are doing so based on emotion and outrage.  I understand that.  However, these are real people and real cases.  It is not a Law & Order episode on television.  The wheels of justice move slowly, and the state does not have to SHOW any “evidence” to the public until the trial begins.  The trial is when and where evidence is presented – not on Facebook, and not on the nightly news. When someone is accused of a crime, they are arrested and if they are jailed,they are given bond.  If they can’t afford to pay the bond, then they sit in jail. 

People are accused of crimes everyday and by law are innocent until proven guilty, but that is in a court of law and does not apply to public opinion. Shows like Nancy Grace aren’t getting ratings because they are following this premise.  The goal is to rile up the masses and keep them watching.  The “State” as mentioned in the Facebook post above has no power over public opinion.  We live in a democracy where the sanctity of free speech is protected.  The State is not going to, nor do they have the power to suppress public opinion about any case.  The State would never “press on” due to public pressure.  Convictions are what the State is interested in, and if they don’t think there is enough to get a conviction they usually don’t file charges.

Gag orders are put in place in many cases, and to be honest, the only ones who seem to be speaking of the Moorer case are the accused.   Not to mention the fact that they and their supporters are harassing the family of the victim, and their supporters.

It is one thing to express an opinion about a case, but when your opinions are based on experience from watching true crime shows, that opinion falls short of credibility.


  1. Brenna Brantly

    Very good assessment Prinnie. I only wish that every other “publication” (or non publication pretending to be a publication) sounded as professional and knowledgeable about this case as you.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thanks, Brenna. The Moorer case is especially fascinating to me because the accused are actively harassing the victim’s family, even under threat of violating a gag order. It’s just crazy, and their supporters are something else.


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