Moorer Pretrial & Morning Meltdowns


Yesterday was the pretrial hearing on Sidney Moorer’s kidnapping case to allow or disallow expert witness testimony on the vehicle seen on CCTV footage.  Ultimately, expert witnesses were allowed for both sides.

This case is unique, in that the Defendants are bound by a gag order yet continue to publicly discuss the case on their personal Facebook pages, as well as making disparaging comments about Heather Elvis on many Facebook pages that were created for the sole purpose of harassing the Elvis family.  In fact, just last week Mrs. Moorer was using the victim’s photograph as her Facebook profile picture.  I can see no valid reason for doing this – other than to harass the family.  It’s wrong.  It’s uncalled for and does not help to strengthen the. Moorer’s claims of innocence.  They are charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis, and for an accused to literally taunt or harass the victim’s family by using her image as a profile picture is reprehensible.

Apparently the Moorers were displeased that someone had posted “Find Heather Elvis” information on various Florida tourist pages.  There was no mention of their names.  The posts only shared a photo of Heather Elvis but the Moorers allegedly took offense to it, and Mrs. Moorer outed the name of the woman who left the posts last year and followed up with this post on Facebook:

Tammy Moorer

FYI this wench works at Olive Garden in downtown Myrtle Beach. This is probably why TR was set up and fired, and it is also why they were forced to participate in that fundraiser to raise $ for white pants and pageant gowns, and do you all remember the bullying and controversy because OG didn’t want to hang missing fliers in their windows!!!??? Remember that? Turns out Linda was right in the midst of it all. Ms Linda was the a**hole telling everyone that we were eating at OG, etc. I would imagine it burned that wench up with all the attention I was getting from her boss. OMG!!!!! Could she had been the one putting the notes on the truck all that time!? Holy sh*t!
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She is right in the middle of it all.

Screenshot from Tammy Moorer’s personal Facebook page

Sidney Moorer claims in his interview with WBTW News 13 that he is prohibited from discussing the case because of the “gag order” yet has made many public comments about the case on social media, many of them slamming the victim’s father.

Sidney Moorer
March 11 at 4:22pm ·


Friend requests, phone calls, trucks out front…you all want to speak to me.

Well, I will happily speak to any one of you as soon as you apologize to my family for all the lies you told on us. Tell the world there was NO blood found. Tell the world that Rhodes lied about the FL body just to drag our names through the mud a little longer. (According to Rhodes she followed us from mid December ’13 until she had us kidnapped so she knows exactly where we were at all times while in FL) Update the fact that this “body” was a man. Let the audience know the solicitor LIED and was called out during the January bond hearings and forced to admit that there was NO evidence. And for the love of God tell the truth about Terry Elvis. You are the media. You know what he had expunged and you know the community wants answers about all that donation money. WMBF at least had the balls to report on Detective Large, who was one of the ringleaders in this circus. Put up Heather’s posts’ telling the world about her miserable life at home with the threesome that (I heard) had inconclusive results on their lie detector tests. I bet Debbi doesn’t want the truth brought out in court. The DSS records. All the shady BS they’ve been doing to those that once supported them and anyone that supported our family. Why doesn’t the media ask Debbi and Morgan why they broke into my mom and dad’s gated neighborhood uninvited (trespassing onto their doorstep) and why did she lie to the judge and say their family never made contact with mine? Ask Terry why he wrote his prison’esque letters to my parents. Ask Terry why he called Polly’s sister Joann and told Joann to tell Polly that she’d be burying one of her grandkids before Christmas if one of us didn’t confess to a crime. Ask those questions and see his reaction. Are you scared his violent side will explode in your face? Maybe then YOU will be his next victim. Keep in mind if this by chance makes it into trial the DSS records will still be unsealed. The truth about your dark sinister family will be revealed more so than it has been already. Also keep in mind that my family has spent thousands of dollars to uncover the real identities of those fake profiles and fake pages you’ve been hiding behind. Too bad you didn’t understand how the internet really works. It will ALL come out! Neely, Linda, Brenna. Thank you.
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*We’ve been talking tonight and something new came up. Terry owns property right there at PTL, correct? Heather has to know her dad has a place there, right? If Heather was in danger this might be a place she would run to. Why would Terry not want this place searched? Has it ever been looked at? We were told no from what is known on our end. Tammy, Buddy, and Polly opened our home to LE that same day they held me hostage at the ML Brown building. They searched the whole place, took pictures, checked out the freezer, you name it. They even went into the camper and looked around the truck. No search warrant, just trying to help so LE could move forward and do what they needed to do to find Heather. There was nothing to hide, so we thought it’d be okay and that they’d leave us alone once they saw nothing was going on with us. We know now they took that opportunity to screw us over and planned with those photos taken that day where they’d install their “devices” (Yes, we know) at the next search. WARNING: NEVER EVER HELP OUT LE. IT WILL ALWAYS BE USED TO SCREW YOU OVER!

And to the nut jobs that ask why we didn’t help search? Are you serious? Think about that question and ask it out loud. Do you hear how crazy that sounds? SMH at the crazy things some people will say and suggest.

Also the current profile picture is not posted to make Heather look bad. It is being used to show all of you that this family is not who they want you to believe they are. This is Heather’s Twitter and it is her words. The Twitter may have clues to where she is. Why hide it? People should see the real Heather and not pictures of the woman when she was 12-13 years old. The only real photo I have seen of her during this whole thing is the one driving the truck. That looks like the Heather I knew. And as bad as this may sound I have wondered if it really was a date that night, or was it a trick? I remember seeing screen shots a long time ago between this “date” and another man discussing girls that work in those types of establishments being slutty and degrading them. I can’t remember the exact wording but I recall this post and conversation that was sent to me. If anyone has that please post it below. The difference between a date and a trick could mean a lot in this case. Again, I mean no disrespect.

This case is interesting to me because of the interaction of the Defendants with individuals who have been very nasty towards the Elvis family.  It is alleged that one of their close friends hired a “hacker” to weed out identities of Elvis family supporters and used that information to attack them online, and in their real lives.  These women have used the postal service to send magazine subscriptions without the authorization of the person whose names they used to fill out the subscription cards. They have created literally hundreds of Facebook pages to disparage them and their families, as well as calling employers with the intent of having people terminated from their jobs.  They have created Facebook pages which attack the victim and call her horrible names, even going so far as claiming that her father is a sex offender and may have murdered her.  I have followed a lot of cases over the years, but this one has got to be one of the worst as far as online behavior, and I cannot recall any other case in the past where the accused have publicly participated in these attacks.

These photos were posted on Facebook this morning of signs that were allegedly posted by the Moorers in front of their home.  Again, it’s just my opinion, but this behavior does not help their public reputation nor does it create positive public opinion of them.  I would hope that their behavior does not come off as arrogant in front of a jury as it does to the public who sees and reads the things they have said online.

If you have other screenshots or would like to discuss the case, I have created a subforum to do so.  Registration isn’t immediate, and admin approval is necessary because of spam, but click here to visit the Moorer case discussion forum.


  1. Tachyon

    Concise and factual as always. Bravo for putting the truth out there.

  2. Toss my Cookies

    Murderers harassing the families of their victims is more common than you think. Read up on the Baby Lisa Irwin case. Lisa’s mother Debra Bradley was the ringleader of a group of vicious online trolls who attacked the RL’s of anyone who offered the opinion that she was responsible for Lisa being missing and almost certainly dead. Mark Redwine admitted on a radio podcast that he was in daily contract with a page run by a group of trolls that harassed Dylan’s family ceaselessly for over a year. Now what reason could the Moorers, Debra Bradley, and Mark Redwine have for such behavior? Deflection? Misdirection? Trying to control the dialogue and public opinion? A desire to reduce the mangina unemployment rate? All they do is fan the flames of their own guilt. It oozes out of them in every word they post or speak. Hopefully the law will catch up with all of them sooner rather than later.


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