@SvrWxChaser “Is that all you do is tweet for handouts?”

Believe me…I would much rather be doing anything else than spending my time raising money for a legal defense fund than begging for dollars on social media, but this is what the universe has laid before us with the outrageous lawsuit filed by Deric Lostutter, and as such we will do whatever is necessary to raise the funds to defend ourselves to the fullest extent of what the law allows.

We have spent the past week tweeting our defense fund link and have raised $1288 so far of the $2000 retainer.  Words cannot express our gratitude to those who have donated.

Last night I was @’ing individuals on Twitter with our defense fund link because that is how the information is going to be spread, unless we stand on the corner at our local courthouse wearing a chicken suit and a sandwich board.  I had tweeted to Bart Comstock, just as I tweeted to Donald Trump and others because at this point, I can have no shame in seeking monetary help from people.  Comstock responded to my tweet with this:Rather than actually taking a moment to read before responding, Bart Comstock decided to get snarky and ask if “that all you do is tweet for handouts?” and ending his snark with “Look up your local legal aid office”.  I feel the need to educate Mr. Comstock since he felt compelled to be an ass before he actually did some research and discovered why it is that I am tweeting for help.

First and foremost, the lawsuit is filed in Forsyth County, North Carolina of which not one of the three named defendants are residents.  It is a civil filing, and therefore would not be eligible for “legal aid” who deal primarily in criminal matters for the indigent.

Second and most important, we are not seeking “handouts”.  Mr. Comstock, had you READ before you made an uninformed decision and shared your disdain of my tweets for assistance you would know that I have spent the better part of my life helping others financially and any other way that I could help them whether that be getting information about their situation out to the masses or providing support in an advocate role.  We are being sued by someone who has spent the past 4 years terrorizing people with threats of rape or of “destroying” their lives for defying him. We are humbling ourselves to the community that we have helped over the years, and are asking them to now help us out because we need financial assistance in fighting this preposterous lawsuit filed against us.

Had you actually read about the lawsuit, you would have known that Deric Lostutter has made such outlandish claims that we killed his stillborn child. Explain that one. How does one kill a stillborn?  Or that we embarrassed him by posting links or discussed his VERY PUBLIC explicit sex acts during webcam performances where he and his wife asked for nickel donations while strangers watched him try to get an erection.  Or that he was “sexually harassed on Twitter”.  Do these allegations sound like something you would like to have leveled at you?  Wouldn’t you defend yourself against something so egregious?

Obviously this lawsuit is outrageous and we are confident that we will prevail in the courtroom, but the fact remains that attorneys are not cheap and we are saddled with the burden of having to hire an attorney to defend us, and THAT is why we are tweeting the link to the defense fund.  Trust me when I say that I am humbled to have to even ask for donations, but I believe that we will prevail and that Mr. Lostutter will finally be forced to stop using the legal system as a weapon against innocent people.


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