Why Our Defense Fund Is Important

I am posting the link to our defense fund again and wanted to write a bit about why I keep posting the link and continue to request donations.  It is no secret that Deric Lostutter is despised by Anonymous, and most people that he has had some sort of relationship with since his involvement in the Steubenville case. I wish I would have spoke up much sooner about Deric, but that is something that I am going to have to live with.  Over the past few years, we have watched his behavior escalate and have watched as the number of victims he leaves in his wake accumulates.  The unfortunate part of all of this is that his victims usually do not contact law enforcement or other agencies simply because they are afraid of him, as he is very well known to make threats of destroying lives should anyone cross him.  True to his word, this is exactly what he has done.  I could sit here all night and make a list of people that he has harassed and threatened to destroy, but hopefully one day these individuals will stand up to him.  I can’t do that for them.  All I can do is write about these occurrences and expose his behavior.

Deric began abusing the legal system about 6 months ago when he filed a series of civil protection orders and criminal arrest warrants in North Carolina.  He visited the court nearly every day filing violations on restraining orders that had never been served.  In short, he was a real pain in the ass at Forsyth County District Court.  The restraining orders were not filed because of threats of bodily harm, they were filed because he is trying to suppress the truth about him from being discussed publicly…the truth that Deric Lostutter has stood on the back of a rape victim for four years using her tragedy as a marketing platform for personal donations.  The truth that anyone who defies him is threatened with having their lives ruined.  He has called employers of his detractors and claimed that they were a danger to children – the woman was a school psychologist.  He has threatened a woman with rape and that he would film it and make her children watch.  This is the truth that Deric Lostutter does not want publicly discussed.

Deric’s threats also earned him a 5-year restraining order granted by Jefferson County, Ohio courts, but he doesn’t talk about this fact when he is making his ridiculous accusations against others or accusing us of being pedophiles.  Nor does he discuss the fact that because of his behavior and this restraining order that he was not allowed to see his stepson in Kentucky.  He couldn’t control himself and ultimately his antics created problems for his wife in a custody situation with her son.

Deric has filed a lawsuit against Michelle, Thomas and myself in North Carolina.  It’s hard to determine exactly what he is suing for as his complaint is basically unjusticiable legal gibberish.  He has sued us for $180,000 and is asking the court to grant him monetary judgment, as well as seeking possession of my two dogs, Winnie and Wilson as satisfaction of any judgment granted.  This particular request in his complaint shows just how unhinged he is. Anyone who knows me knows that I would rather die than hand my dogs over to that sycophant.  He also accused us of killing his stillborn child, and that I “sexually harassed” him on Twitter.  You can read the complaint in its entirety at the link for our defense fund page.

Deric’s lawsuit has forced us to retain local counsel in Winston-Salem.  We have raised $1300 of the $2000 retainer but will be billed hourly for any work that Mr. Gibson does on our behalf, and that is why I created our legal defense page.   I have spent the better part of my life helping others without question. Now I am reaching out to the community to help us.  I am humbled that I have to ask for help, but it is what the universe has laid before us, and if we do not challenge this action in court, Deric is not going to stop.  He now thinks he can use the legal system as a tool in his arsenal of abuse by representing himself pro se.   His lawsuit has forced us to incur the cost of legal fees to defend ourselves and I am asking for financial help.

So, I am laying myself before you, to those I have helped in the past, those that are involved in activism, advocacy or just Joe Public who may happen to read this, I am asking you to please help us raise the funds necessary to put a stop to the nightmare that is Deric Lostutter.

If you could donate $1, there is no shame in doing so.  It adds up.  If you can’t, then I ask that you please share with friends and family so that we can get the word out.


Defense Fund:

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