Tammy Moorer Has Lost It

The trial of Sidney Moorer started three days ago and while trial testimony has been interesting with quite a bit of information being revealed,  watching Tammy Moorer lose her shit on Facebook has been even more fascinating.  Tammy is sitting at home watching the live trial feed online, and has been providing commentary.  Now, if you were being accused of kidnapping, and had been accused of murder but had those charges dropped (for the time being) would you run your mouth on social media?  No, me either.  I’d be playing it low key and keeping my trap shut, but not Turbo Lips Tammy.

A friend of Heather Elvis testified about her knowledge of the relationship between Heather and Sidney Moorer.  There was rumor that Heather was pregnant.  Rather than sitting at home minding her Ps and Qs because she could be revisiting a murder charge one day, Tammy Moorer decided to post a photo of Heather to make comment about her breast size and went on to basically intimidate a state’s witness who had previously testified.  (screenshot below)  She ranted on Facebook throughout the day, linking several articles written by and deleted them later.

6.22.2016 witness post

It is rumored that the Moorers have been using the scourge of the internet to harass the Elvis family.  This person, who coincidentally has documented himself on record in Forsyth County, NC District Court as “” has plastered his filth about the Elvis family on two shit blogs that he writes on.


  1. prinnie (Post author)

    Tammy is at it again today. Linking the vile word vomit of vaginaface. It’s only a matter of time before it’s Tammy’s turn to be in the hot seat, and I hope that ALL of her bullying comes back to smack her in her odd looking face.

  2. KY Irrelevant

    Yes, because whenever in doubt and in need of the truth to prove a point, always link to an article penned by Deric Lostutter.


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