Deric Lostutter KYAnonymous Federally Indicted

Deric was indicted on Thursday by a federal grand jury in Lexington, KY for crimes that fall under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act for computer crimes committed during his involvement in the Steubenville rape case.  The indictment says Lostutter violated CFAA when he “knowingly and intentionally joined and voluntarily participated in a conspiracy” to access a computer without authorization. The purpose of the conspirators was to “harass and intimidate and to gain publicity for their online identities.”  Although his indictment is not getting nearly as much media attention as his search warrant did, once again media is failing to provide factual details about his indictment.  For instance,

Deric Lostutter, a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous, uncovered social media evidence that led to the conviction of two Steubenville, Ohio, football players, who were accused of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Deric did not “uncover[ed] social media evidence that led to the conviction” of anyone.  Social media evidence was gathered and processed by law enforcement even before I initially posted it here on August 26, 2012.  Deric did nothing more than act as a social media bullhorn regarding the case.  He did not “solve the rape case” as he proclaims nor did he get anyone indicted or charged for any crimes associated with the case.  It simply did not happen that way.  This is Deric’s imagination and part of Deric’s narrative that he believes will keep him relevant.  THOUSANDS are to be thanked for bringing attention to the case…not just Deric Lostutter who wants to wear the white knight cape and savior of all the things.Deric is being charged with violating the privacy of an innocent man who ran the Steubenville High School football fansite.  He is not being charged for exposing a rape case.  He is not being charged for exposing corruption. He is being charged for being a pompous, arrogant asshole who targeted an innocent man, violated his privacy, and then went on to make false accusations against the man alleging that he was a “child pornographer” and ran his own “rape crew”.  In violating this man’s privacy and making these false allegations, he also released private photographs found in his email account further victimizing innocent women, but that is something that Deric has proven over the years that he is comfortable in doing.  Deric is the person who revealed Jane Doe’s real name when he released unredacted transcripts, and he victimized a South Carolina woman recently when he was posting his filth about Terry Elvis, the father of murdered/missing Heather Elvis.  Deric didn’t care that he victimized this woman, only that he was posting salacious rumors which would harm the reputation of Mr. Elvis.


This is only one example of the long list of individuals that Deric has victimized over the years.  Deric is no victim of the government in this instance.  I am no fan of CFAA, but people like Deric are why the law exists.  What he did to the gentleman who owned the Roll Red Roll fansite was done with no legitimate purpose, and simply to gain exposure for his then online identity, KYAnonymous.  Since December 2012, Deric has freely admitted to media and anyone who would listen that he was responsible for accessing the website.  He is a defense attorney’s nightmare because he cannot keep his mouth shut.  Deric wears his V& (vanned) status like a badge of honor.  He thinks in his twisted mind that being indicted gives him some sort of Anon street cred. Well,  it is nothing to be proud of.  It is not a badge of honor and whether Deric has realized it yet or not, his life is ruined.  He is 29 years old with a child on the way, and he may not be around to see that child born.  After doing time in federal prison he will not be able to get a decent job to support his family.  Normal life as he knows it is over.  Deric has spent the past 3+ years standing on the back of Jane Doe for his own personal gain.  He has alienated and betrayed every single person that was ever kind to him because he wanted to showboat and take credit for work that other Anons had done.

Normally, I would rally behind those being charged with CFAA but not this time.  Deric did this to himself, and because of his arrogance he is going to pay the ultimate price: his freedom.

Copy of Indictment

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  1. prinnie (Post author)
  2. Tachyon

    I don’t understand why the media isn’t being more responsible. It’s spelled out quite clearly in the indictment that ass wipe came along well after the arrests were made. He exposed nothing but his stupidity and his thirst for internet fame.

  3. Caroline

    Thank you! Ms. Prinnie. The pugnacious women that hired Deric Lostutter should be waiting for a knock on their door from the Feds, their illegal involvement has been well documented. Something else entertaining, the one woman who originally contacted Deric Lostutter with a measly financial offer, $75.00 is all she could afford, she’s the ringleader and in heaps of trouble.

  4. Mary

    I have a question. When he was listing all the “evidence he had against me” which was pure bullshit and lies, he admitted to the hack. He said it resulted in two going to prison for rape and 4 school admins being charged for a cover up. What exactly took place concerning the two rapists and admins?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      He claims he is the reason that they were arrested, charged and the reason school officials and others were indicted.

  5. Lisa

    I do NOT agree with what D L did, but it’s pretty scary you can rape someone and get out of jail but hack someone face more time.

    I understand how unstable he is, don’t get me wrong, I’m just generally speaking.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I agree actually, but after everything that he has done to me, Michelle, Thomas, Sam and countless others, I just cannot bring myself to feel sympathy for him. He is a menace to society and the only way Deric is going to be taught a lesson is prison.

  6. Venting

    I hate to put this on Prinnie’s site because I’m afraid she or her associates will be blamed for it, and that is not true. I’m someone who believed the Deric/Rolling Stone hype for years. I believed Deric did good in Steubenville. When the GoFundMe (s) started, I gave. When the GoFundMe (s) kept going for years, I did research. Not until I did research, did I even find Prinnie or her site.

    Things I don’t understand as a former supporter.

    Depending on which Deric Lostutter post you’ve read, he either knew the expiry date hadn’t passed, or he’d known this was coming for a month/months – and – he’s definitely known his wife had a hard time carrying her last pregnancy, right? Because they lost that baby. So …

    1. What happened to the first GoFundMe for legal expenses for the federal indictment? What’s left and where did that money go?

    2. Why would you get your “high risk pregnant” wife pregnant again? Is that a good idea ever? Or especially when you’re facing federal indictment?

    3. Even if she’s “high risk pregnant” she can sit at a desk, or answer phones, right? I mean, you’ve Tweeted several pictures of “vacations” since she’s been “high risk pregnant” and she’s happy and smiling. Seems she’s not on bed rest at this point.

    4. The “high risk pregnant” wife already has a kid, right? That she doesn’t see or take care of financially, right? Why would one impregnate her again? Twice?

    5. Does begging for money and playing the sympathy card override being responsible? Does it override bringing children you can’t support emotionally or financially into this world?

    You realize they grow up right? If you can’t pay for formula, wipes, diapers (not even talking about the cost of NICU here, which I’m sure will come into play!) .. that all gets much more expensive. You have to think about school, college, housing, books, etc. You can’t GoFund your whole life and the whole life of a child Deric.

    Your “wife” or “high risk pregnant” wife card is getting tedious Deric, as is the “family” “kids” card. You have ZERO kids right now, and if you were really more worried about your “family” or “kids” or “wife” more than yourself, you wouldn’t have gotten her pregnant ONCE, LET ALONE A SECOND TIME while under scrutiny for federal indictment!!!

    1. How do you get off letting people write and share inaccurate articles about your very short, and completely ineffectual, presence at Steubenville?

    2. How do you not insist that those inaccuracies be corrected?

    3. How do you live with the fact that you outed the name of the victim?

    4. How do you live with the fact that you soiled the name of an innocent man?

    5. How do you live with the fact that you outed nude photos of innocent adult women?

    If I were going to give money to someone Deric, it surely wouldn’t be you, who has NEVER ONCE tried to apologize for his HUGE MISTAKES AND/OR OUTRIGHT LIES or support himself on his own merits and abilities.


    I hope that time has finally come.


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