Baby Bird Rescue 

The sparrows have been using my blinds outside as a nest all summer, and one of the babies either fell out of the best twice or was pushed out by mother bird or other siblings.  After I put him back in the nest, I would check on the ground and peek up in the nest to make sure he was okay.  On Monday, they pushed him out again so I intervened. 

I really wasn’t expecting him to make it, but he is doing GREAT!  I named him Ceefus.  A few people have asked that I post pictures and videos to watch his progress.  I am hand feeding him now but in a few days or so he will probably start pecking for food so I’m going to start feeding him mealworms. 

I do plan on releasing him…unless he doesn’t leave.  He is so sweet and it is really amazing to watch how he pays attention to me when I talk to him. 

​​​​He has gotten a lot more feathers in just a few days.  I have video that I’ll post later. 

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