Deric Lostutter Federally Indicted & Continues to Criminally Harass Others

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Lostutter update.  Mostly because not much was happening while we await the hearing date on our Motion to Dismiss his ridiculous lawsuit and to be honest, dealing with this mong is exhausting.  It was nice to have a little break from it, but all good things must come to an end, and Deric being unable to control his impulses decided to stir the proverbial shit pot…as usual.  He has created a sock account on Twitter to harass Michelle, Kim and I.  He can deny that the account doesn’t belong to him all he wants, but it is him and the verbiage and syntax are unique to him.  We are in the process of taking the necessary legal action to prove that the account does belong to him.  Basically, Deric has just blown his civil case against us all to hell.

The Twitter account was posting photos of Michelle’s 9-year old granddaughter and admitted to have accessed and requested copies of court documents regarding a custody case the child is the subject of.  Deric has a past history of using children as emotional leverage in his online beefs.  Last year he threatened to rape a woman because she made a meme of him that he didn’t like.  He also went after Sam Cook’s children which forced her to seek and be granted a 5-year restraining order against him.

These children have absolutely NOTHING to do with any internet or offline fights/issues and for Deric to once again go after and target an innocent child for the sole purpose of causing emotional distress to his victim is absolutely DISGUSTING.

I also want to point out another “stab” that Lostutter likes to make about me.  I can’t have children and became okay with that a long time ago.  Not having children doesn’t make anyone any different, any better or less of a person than anyone else, but Deric Lostutter seems to think that pointing out my infertility to me is going to get me right in the feels.  He’s wrong.  I could make many unnecessary, very unkind remarks about his own experience with children, but will refrain from doing so.  Deric has no social or moral boundaries.  Even my deceased father is not off limits for this grifting piece of shit.  These are tweets made yesterday about the baby sparrow I rescued and my father.  He also threw in something about children.

These are previous comments made by the scumbag, Deric Lostutter.  “Oh wait”. 

10.14.2015 Prinnie cant have kids - 'Tweets with replies by KYAnonymous (@DericLostutter) I Twitter' - twitter_com_DericLostutter_with_replies

12.03.2015_prinne should focus on her own children oh wait

There is NO DOUBT that the @_Poisonoustree account belongs to and is operated by Lostutter.  It is my opinion and belief that Deric has been operating socks to attack us for quite some time.  He simply cannot stop himself.  He is a known alcoholic who has absolutely no impulse control and he thinks he is smarter than everyone else.  Well, he’s not and that’s why he is under federal indictment for leaving his IP address in the cpanel of the website he hacked.

Deric has gone beyond “playing with fire”.  He has thrown napalm on any defense he had as it pertains to his civil lawsuit against us.   Furthermore, I’m prepared to litigate this joke of a lawsuit, if necessary.  Hopefully, he will be on a long-term federal vacation and will have other things to concentrate on other than whose ass he can be a hemorrhoid in; although that is highly unlikely because he’s stupid and a narcissist.

Deric sued us because he wants to bury the truth.  The truth that he is not a hero, and he is not someone who has ever had good intentions for anyone other than himself.  Deric is a criminal and someone who lies pathologically.  Deric is an individual who does not want to work hard to better himself.  He wants it handed to him while standing on the back of a rape victim.  His desire is to take advantage of others and deceive them with stories of woe as to why a 27-year old man is unable to support himself or his wife.  As long as Deric Lostutter is lying to people about his involvement in Steubenville, and preying on the kindness of good people to support his sorry, lazy ass – I am going to be here screaming to the rooftops that DERIC IS A FRAUD.

See you in court, asshole.


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  1. Barb

    This is criminal. I’ll be happy when they prove it’s him, and it goes public

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I’ll be happy when his ignorant ass is sitting in federal holding for awhile.

  2. KY Irrelevant

    The funny part (well not so funny really) is that he can bring other people’s kids and families into his cyberstalking, but he thinks he and his family are untouchable. Then sues people when they give him a taste of his own medicine. It would be nice if none of this was necessary, but it is. There is no making an agreement with him. If people don’t respond to him and let him run wild and unchecked, he will bully everyone into oblivion. He will never stop until he is squashed like a bug. Or thrown into the prison cell next to Big Bubba’s.

  3. Boomity

    Deric is the last person who should be making fun of people who cant have children. Unless you count dead half baked babies he’s not quite batting a thousand in that game himself.

  4. Paper Moon Gentlemen's Club

    Jenny – Call us. We’re hiring!

    1. KY Irrelevant

      I doubt you’ll have much competition for her services. She can’t even medal in the “pole” vault.

  5. Tachyon

    I just read his post on how he’s stopping. You’re right, he can’t stop himself and thus the sock accounts. I feel sorry for Tor to have such an asshole for a client. I won’t lie; I’m going to celebrate when he’s convicted and goes to prison.

  6. Tracy

    I think it’s terrible that gofundme is allowing him to take people’s money! He can’t pay his bills due to choices HE made, my 11 year old son had NOTHING to do with anything yet was called a rapist due to the innocent people he attacked. I hope he does sit in jail for a long long long time, his unborn baby would better off!

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I totally agree. I was told that he took out a Facebook ad to boost traffic to his fund which is in direct violation of what the court ordered, but he apparently doesn’t give a crap what they order him to do as he has already violated twice since his arraignment. I feel bad for Tor that he now has unnecessary travel expenses because of Deric. And Deric doesn’t care about his unborn child and wife. If he did, he would have been minding his P&Q’s.

      I have never met anyone so arrogant as him. All of this behavior is going to come to a head at sentencing time. Surely they will use all of this, including the hundreds of letters received in the pre-sentencing investigation. I bet he gets 10 years or more. He did this to himself.

      I feel horrible that I didn’t speak up much sooner, but honestly so many of us were afraid of what he might do, and when we did speak out he came at Michelle, Sam, Bobby, Thomas and myself with a vengeance. He is IMO willing to do anything to bury the truth about him – including lying to the court.

      1. Tracy

        I agree! He is dangerous! He makes himself look like this perfect citizen on his beg page but those people I assume haven’t seen the sex webcam of he and his wife on the internet? LOL GROSS!

        1. prinnie (Post author)

          Yea, the rape philanthropist who exploits his wife for nickels on chaturbate. He is a horrible person. Everytime I see a donation for $5 or $10 it makes me so sad because those donors probably don’t have the money to spare, but are donating because they believe him – that he did something wonderful, and he didn’t. He tried to destroy lives…like he has been doing for the 4 years I’ve known of him.


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