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I wanted to correct some information contained in the “Press Release” that was posted regarding Deric and his federal indictment.

Press Release regarding Deric Lostutter

In 2013 a heinous, horrible crime shattered the small town of Steubenville, Ohio. A 16-year-old girl was unconscious, and repeatedly violated by 2 convicted rapists, whom the town touted as stars of the local Big Red football team, Trent Mays, and Ma’Lik Richmond. The rapists and their friends documented the attacks on Twitter, and YouTube, immortalizing their acts forever. The county prosecutor was the former head of the school board, and then the school’s personal attorney. Her name was Jane Hanlin, and her son, Charlie, was a friend of the rapists. Jane took over 2 weeks to recuse herself from the case, prompting the media with a stench of a cover-up. A Steubenville native, and her friend reached out to Anonymous, the hacker collective for help. They sent them tweets, archived evidence, and more, to help raise awareness for what could ultimately have been swept under the rug. Estimated revenue for the football department based on the rapists’ performance was close to a million dollars for that year. When coach Reno was asked why he didn’t bench his players after the allegations surfaced, he threatened a New York Times reporter. Anonymous caught wind, and uncovered and released important evidence, including a video of the rapists’ friends mocking the rape as it occurred. Anonymous’ involvement prompted the Ohio BCI and the F.B.I. to launch an investigation into if the rape was covered up by school officials. Locals screamed their school officials’ innocence from the mountain tops, but Anonymous released so much evidence that in late 2013, 4 school officials, including the Superintendent, McVey, and assistant coach Matthew Bellardine, were indicted from charges of tampering with evidence, to obstruction of justice and contributing to minors for hosting the party. Anonymous called a cover-up, and Anonymous was right.

I am not a “Steubenville native”.  I lived in Steubenville for approximately 5 years in the late 90s. I NEVER reached out to Anonymous for help.  On August 26, 2012, after leaving a voicemail for a friend who was an Ohio BCI agent involved in the case on August 24th, and alerting him that I had found screenshots, I made the decision to post what I had found.  I figured that he would have called me if LE didn’t have the screenshots, and as it turned out…they did and had social media evidence from the moment Jane Doe’s parents reported the crime.

Up until the time I was sued for defamation, my friends and I had been tweeting and emailing MSM to pick up the Steubenville story because we, and many locals were concerned about a potential coverup. We emailed journalists daily in an effort to put some attention on the case because we felt that this case needed some outside attention.  Not once did I ever reach out to Anonymous to help me.

In October 2012, I was sued by the Saltsmans, at which time Michelle took to Twitter to try to find an attorney to represent me in the defamation suit.  She was tagging her tweets #Anonymous #freespeech and tweeting everyone she could possibly think of to try to help me, and it worked.  Through her hundreds of tweets, I was able to obtain legal representation.  I never reached out to Anonymous and in fact, purposely stayed away from any affiliation with Anonymous.  So…NO, I did not reach out to Anonymous.  This statement in the press release is absolutely false.

The 12:29 minute YouTube video was not “uncovered”.  Someone had saved it and sent it to Anon or KYAnonymous.  I’m not sure of who got it first, but it was not uncovered.   This statement in the press release gives the illusion that Deric Lostutter uncovered anything.  All Deric did was dox innocent people, accuse them of being in a porn ring and make threats under his mask.  Steubenville Police and Ohio BCI knew about the video and had possession of it from day one.

The FBI was NEVER officially involved in any part of the rape case investigation.  They were only involved in the investigation of rollredroll.com hack and the computer viruses that were sent to the Steubenville Police Department’s email servers.  Ohio BCI was involved from the very beginning of the criminal investigation regarding the rape case. That is standard procedure in Ohio.  Anonymous did not EVER UNCOVER ANY EVIDENCE that was used by the Steubenville Police Department, Ohio BCI or the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  IT DID NOT HAPPEN.  Attorney General Mike Dewine initiated the investigation of  school officials in March 2013 by convening a grand jury to examine evidence presented to them.  No one to this day ever knew what evidence they were provided or what evidence prompted a grand jury.

Deric Lostutter was raided in April of 2013 for his alleged role of a hack of a small private website of a Steubenville football booster’s fan page. On that page, a video appeared declaring a crusade for justice for “Jane Doe”, the rape victim.

 There is no “alleged role”.  Deric has admitted publicly several times that he had access to the control panel, and there are screenshots showing his IP address as the last IP to access the server.  This statement is nothing more than PR fluff.  Deric accessed the site without authorization and Noah’s confession completely corroborates the charges.  Period.

Ultraviolet, in conjunction with Aaron Swartz’s group, Demand Progress, raised over 200,000 signatures to drop the charges on Deric, and delivered them in 2013 to the Ohio federal building in Columbus, Ohio. Aaron was charged by the federal government under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA, for downloading academic journals to a free server from MIT, sharing knowledge. He faced millions of dollars in restitution, and 30 years in federal prison for a victimless crime to share knowledge. He sadly took his own life as a result.

Because of Ultraviolet, Demand Progress, and the words and signatures of hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens, Ohio declined to prosecute Deric Lostutter, who championed for woman’s rights and the rights of a 16-year-old rape victim.

There has never, not once been an official statement by the Ohio US Attorney’s office that this is the reason they declined to prosecute Deric.

3 years passed, and on July 7th, the Kentucky United States District Attorney, Kerry Harvey, and his assistant attorneys, Neeraj Gupta and Andrew Sparks, decided to ignore the voices of a nation of victims and advocates against rape, and charge Deric Lostutter with 3 felonies under the draconian and archaic Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which was enacted in 1984.

It is my opinion and belief that the US Attorney’s office was getting tired of Deric’s shit.  For three years he has criminally harassed those who speak out against him, even going so far as to file criminal arrest warrants to silence speech about his bad acts and lack of social and moral boundaries.  Deric has been arrested for assault and screamed to jailers do you know who I am? I’ll sue you all! [paraphrased from arrest report].  He has ripped people off through his cell phone repair business and refused to issue refunds.  He has threatened violence on women and became belligerent to individuals who were unsatisfied with work he had done for them.  Deric has pretended to be a private investigator and has harassed pregnant women on the internet as part of his “work”.  I think the government finally got sick of his crap and took action as his bad behavior has been escalating over the years.  Comparing Deric to Aaron Schwartz is despicable.  Aaron was doing something that was for the good of others.  In my opinion and personal experience with Deric Lostutter, he has never done anything for anyone but himself.  He has impulse control issues and cannot control himself even when advised by professionals.  Point in fact is the Twitter account he created last week for no legitimate purpose other than to harass us and to attempt to cause grave emotional distress to a woman by using her grandchild as fodder for his depravity.

…A Virginia Beach Department of Defense contractor named Noah McHugh admitted sole responsibility for the hack 1 month prior to Deric’s raid in the Herald Star newspaper in Ohio. Noah has never been charged or arrested in relation to his confession. Neeraj Gupta and Andrew Sparks, completely ignoring a written confession, have chosen to prosecute a presumably innocent man who championed for women in the media, making a mockery of a small town and their corrupt police force, which was replaced by the federal government in 1997 for corruption.

This is an outright, absolutely false statement of fact.  In 1997, the Department of Justice issued a consent decree outlining standard operation procedures and guidelines that the police department must adhere to and initiate.  At no time EVER has the DOJ replaced the police force.

@ThugLifeSocial stated that she did not write this press release.  To the person who wrote it:  You have exhibited an absolute lack of the most basic journalistic research into Lostutter in an effort to jump on a seeming bandwagon created by false narrative created by Deric. Miss ThugLifeSocial misread others’ materials, and in her haste to spit out a quick, unvetted piece that would attract a few blog hits, she ended up glorifying a federally indicted scam artist and criminal who is accused of raping a young girl, and who is documented exposing himself to young girls via public webcam while drunk.  She has glorified a man who RIGHT NOW has a 5 year restraining order against him by an Ohio court for criminal threats of physical violence against a woman and her young child.  This is a man who had threatened to post revenge porn on those women who stand up to him, who has been documented publicly vowing to stab a woman, have her mauled by his pit bulldogs, to have his friends gang rape her “Steubenville style” while he held the camera to tape her being violated.  He has pimped his wife out on chatterbate for money, having her do deviant sexual acts to him at the command of any paying voyeur who could view her via webcam, and who is such a threat and risk to the safety and welfare of children, he was ordered by a Judge to have no contact with his wife’s young child whatsoever.  This is a man who is chronically unemployed, yet has attempted several times to have others terminated from their jobs under false pretense.  So Twitter is filled with all sorts of charlatans claiming to be real journalists, who, in an effort to slap up something – anything – on their blog to gain attention, or undue respect, make embarrassing mistakes and glorify a man who has tarnished his own name so badly that association with him is akin to rolling in cat piss.  The stench never goes away.

This press release is obviously an attempt to bury the truth about Deric Lostutter.  As long as there is an internet, the truth about Deric Lostutter is out there.  I am only asking those who “report” on him or defend him to do their own research.

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11 thoughts on “Lostutter Press Release

  1. Boomity

    Deric is doing some mad walking it back in an effort to make himself look good for his court appearance. Hate to tell ya Deric but that ship sailed long ago. You’re going to prison. You’re going to be someone’s bitch. Your wife will leave you and no doubt dump this kid (if she even has it) like she did her son. And do you know what? It couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of shit like you.

  2. Barb

    Plenty filed reports with the FBI about his harassment. They were sick of his arrogance, and piles of paperwork a free Deric was costing them.

    1. prinnie Post author

      Talk about desperation. So, the state is IMMORTALIZED in 2013? Deric is an idiot. A desperate, failure of an idiot whose butthole is puckered because in 8 days he may be sitting in a federal holding facility awaiting trial. Sweet baby Jesus PLEASE let them hold him!

  3. KY Irrelevant

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t worry about Miss Thug or any of the other brain dead uninformed sheeples who can’t research or think for themselves. I know it’s frustrating, even infuriating to read that kind of trash, but on 9/7, the only things that will matter are the law and the truth. I’m sure of one thing; the federal judge is not an idiot. He will see that the only reason for the 30 day continuance was a false and transparent attempt to “fix” the reputation of an abusive bully by becoming a prolific journalist who is a champion of rape victims. He’ll never see through that, lol. I’m sure the prosecutors and the judge are laughing their asses off comparing Deric’s online documented demeanor before his indictment and after, especially since 10/9. And apparently he couldn’t even control himself for 30 days. If as you say that there is absolute proof the PoisonTree account was his, he’s done. He most likely added years to his sentence simply due to his own non-existent impulse control. He had a choice between a few days of additional pleasure bullying you and being around to raise his baby daughter and he chose to be a bully. It’s kind of enjoyable to watch a total asshole who is their own worst enemy self-destruct before our eyes.

    1. prinnie Post author

      There is absolute proof it was him, and we are waiting on other documentation.

      And he’s still using that fraudulent mic.com article as a way to prey on the sympathies of people to part from their hard earned money. I am going to send this to the US Attorney’s office. This is absolute fraud and Deric knows that the information in that video and article are untrue, yet he is still trying to glean donations under fraudulent circumstances.

    1. prinnie Post author

      Thanks, Don. Appreciate it. I’m just so tired of his lies, and this thought that they can somehow clean up his reputation in a few weeks time after he has harassed and abused people for YEARS. Using Aaron as an example was in complete bad taste. Deric Lostutter is NOT an activist. He is an opportunist, and everything he has ever done has been with what he can get from it in mind. He’s despicable and the place he needs to be is in a cell where the general public is protected from him.

        1. prinnie Post author

          It’s just a shame that Deric and his “team” are attempting to disparage the people who worked so hard during the Steubenville case and attempting to paint us in a bad light. Deric Lostutter is NOT a nice person. He is manipulative, deviant and most frightening of all, willing to do anything to keep the truth about him buried, even going so far as to sue us in federal court for $1 million dollars. I will never stop pointing out the truth about him. He preys on the kindness of others for monetary gain. He’s doing it even under federal court order not to do so. Someone who is willing to violate a federal court order and potentially give up his freedom is someone with very deep issues.


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