So, I Guess I’m a Bird Mom


I know I have spent a bit of time updating about CeeCee on here, but hey…it’s my blog, I can do what I wanna. LOL  People have asked me to post pics and videos, and I will be creating a YouTube channel and probably an Instagram for her…just because she is such a little darling, and her personality invokes a smile.  She really does have a lot of character for being such a tiny little creature.  She definitely has brought a lot of joy into my life over the past month or so.  Not that Winnie and Wilson don’t bring me much  joy, but this has been such an amazing experience.

She was 100% dependent upon me when I found her and while she’s becoming a little less dependent upon me for survival, she has imprinted and thinks that she is a human…and a dog. LOL  The dogs adore her and have been very gentle with her. They were playing chase in the house the other day, and Wilson let her groom the loose hairs in his tail.  Because she is so not afraid of them and so comfortable around them, I am very nervous about releasing her back into the wild for fear that she will try to make nice with the stalking neighbor cat that has taken up watch on my deck day in and day out.  So, I guess I am now the proud bird mom of a baby sparrow.  She’s been a joy to raise, and has come a long way from the fragile, little thing with pin feathers and a WC Fields profile. For a nondomestic bird, she really does have quite the personality.

I write all the time.  I always have a notebook nearby and will sit for hours either writing letters (snailmail) or working on my manuscript.  She gets perturbed when I am not paying complete attention to her, so she throws herself on my notebook and flaps her head and feathers around while flitting across the paper.  LOL  Yes…it’s a great way to get my attention. I really don’t have any choice but acknowledge her when she does this. haha  She comes to me when I call for her and will fly to my finger to perch, and she knows when I turn out the living room lights that it is “night night” time.  She flies to me, settles in on my chest and waits for me to put her soft fuzzy blanket over her so I can pet her head and between her wings while telling her that everyone is going to sleep, and she needs to as well.  She makes the cutest little baby chirps and is engaged while I talk to her.  She is just the sweetest little thing.

She is still terrified of the cage, so I don’t plan on forcing her to live in one.  She really isn’t all that messy, and at night she sleeps in her “bed” which is a large, white laundry basket with towels and soft washcloths that she cuddles under in the night to stay warm.  When she wants, she flies to her “bed” and hangs out or just hangs out in the living room with me and the dogs.  So, I guess I’m a bird mom now.  It’s okay…it has been such a rewarding experience.



  1. Jo

    Just discovered your blog and had to say congrats on a true inter-species family. CeeCee is beautiful

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you. She is so much fun. I’ll have to post a new picture of her. She is SO smart. I swaddle her in a terry cloth at night when she goes to bed. It’s to the point now at around 9:30 or 10 that I get her little “blanket” out and tell her nite-nite time and she flies over to the cloth that I lay on my chest, gets under it and lays down to go to sleep. LOL My dogs love her. She was tapping Wilson on the edge of his nose the other night. He’s my little Jack Russell. He just sat there. He thinks he gets to share her worms now when I get them out.


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