Deric Lostutter DID Exploit His Stillborn Baby for $

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Deric has deleted the GoFundMe page, but I have a screenshot.  He did use the death of his child to make money from donations.  Not much more to say other than provide the proof. Warning: He used a photo of his deceased child.

Goddard now blogs regularly about Lostutter, mixing personal anecdotes about Lostutter’s sex life and marriage with veiled accusations that Lostutter exploited his wife’s stillborn baby in order to raise funds. Goddard’s issue: that Deric is shaping up to look like a hero.


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2 thoughts on “Deric Lostutter DID Exploit His Stillborn Baby for $

  1. Superfraud Deric

    Veiled accusations? Who the hell is that idiot? He sure was’t paying attention. You better not accuse someone of veiled threats when 99% of the people on the internet know that Deric posted photos of his dead fetus to beg for money, and we should all be worried about some yellow journalist making Deric into a hero. The moron will probably double down on his lies even though you shoved the proof right in his face. And Prinnie, you are to be commended for not posting the most gruesome of the pictures that Deric posted of his little cash cow. You made your point very humanely.

    1. prinnie Post author

      That was posted by the writer. I won’t use the term journalists for that site because when I emailed them asking for corrections to their very falsely reported item on Deric, it was ignored. This is all an attempt to bury the truth about Deric because he has shit up his reputation so badly.


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