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I take very seriously those who refer to themselves as journalists and who don’t abide by any journalistic code of ethics.  Being a journalist means that you research your piece, and you try to the best of your ability to print the facts. People trust that journalists are providing factual, researched information.  In today’s world of journalism, that simply is not happening.  Journalists or those self-titled journos are not doing any research, but instead copying and pasting the erroneous information from others that they find online.  This is absolutely reprehensible and shows the laziness of today’s journalist.

As a result, the lie is printed so much that people just assume it is fact.  No one wants to take the time to do a little bit of research to find out if what they are reading is true, and just because mainstream media outlets report it does not make it true. They are just as guilty of copying and pasting information for a piece just to get clickbait and web hits.  This is what has happened with the Deric Lostutter lie that he “exposed rapists” or helped solve a rape case, among many others that he has added to his long list of falsehoods.  Journalists and bloggers were too lazy to do research in order to report the truth.

Deric Lostutter was indicted and had his arraignment on September 7 in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.  He pled not guilty to all 4 charges.  During this time, Lostutter added a crisis management or “fixer” to his team.  They brought along journalist, Jack Smith with them to his arraignment to write a feature piece on – which had previously printed an article and video on Deric filled with absolute and outright lies about his involvement.  When asked to correct the misinformation they had printed, the request was completely ignored and not even acknowledged.  I assume that this journo was brought along at the behest of Tye Farley, the fixer from hell.  More about him later – he has quite the interesting story.

Deric maintains that he “exposed a rape cover-up to the media” resulting in the indictment of four school officials.  He did nothing of the sort.  At no point EVER has Steubenville Police, Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin or Attorney General Mike DeWine EVER credited Deric Lostutter for exposing anything or providing any evidence of any value to law enforcement. What they did say was that he created a chilling effect and prevented others from coming forward to law enforcement to provide information or witness statements because of the threats he had made to children and their families.

From Deric’s latest GoFundMe account: (which he has shut down comments on because of the truth being posted)

Exposing a rape cover-up to the media resulted in the
indictment of 4 school officials
, including the Superintendent and the Coach on various charges stemming to tampering with evidence to impeding an investigation.

Just because Deric says it does not make it true.  In fact, in my encounters with Deric over the years he has a hard time being able to tell the truth.

An “Anonymous” news source also posted an article about Deric.  What surprised me about this Anonymous “news” outlet is the fact that they would just run with a copy paste job without researching.  I mean, Anonymous whole platform is based on not trusting the government or the media that it pays for to feed the sheeple what they want them to hear, right?  When individuals posted comments correcting Deric’s lies and directing them to research him before believing what MSM had fed them, those people were banned from the site.

First paragraph and right out of the gate:  False information.

Deric Lostutter — the Anonymous-affiliated hacker who helped expose the violent rape of an underage girl in Steubenville, Ohio — pled not guilty Wednesday to four felony counts of hacking. He now faces a federal trial and up to 16 years in prison; the rapists he exposed now walk free. Lostutter’s one week trial will begin on November 8th.

He exposed nothing, except his flaccid junk on

The Expose

From a local controversy, the gang rape turned into an all-out Internet crusade and made national headlines with high-level cover-ups, prosecutors colluding with coaches, and hackers leaking the evidences that led to the conviction of the two football players.

False.  There was never any evidence of “high-level cover-ups”.  People alleged and suspected that there were and I believe a lot of that was the result of the lack of communication that law enforcement had with the public.  When people don’t get answers, they start talking, and when Deric Lostutter and CommanderX (Christopher Doyan) created “Local Leaks”, a site where third parties could post information that was unvetted and based purely on rumor or vengeance, this made things even worse.

The Indictment  Instead of thanking Lostutter for exposing the rapists, the FBI raided his home and arrested him in April 2013. After pleading not guilty, Lostutter was released on supervised release while awaiting trial. In July 2016, he was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly “conspiring to access an online account to draw attention to a 2012 high-school rape case in Ohio.”

Deric didn’t expose rapists.  The FBI raided him because he had unauthorized access to a website and email. He then took photos of innocent women and posted them online – got that?  He victimized innocent women who had shit all to do with his rage against Steubenville.  He also allegedly sent a virus to the Steubenville Police Department, as well as lying to the FBI. The indictment against him does not have a thing to do with exposing evidence via

It is exhausting asking people to research.  It doesn’t take long to figure out the truth.  Deric is even suing us in attempt to bury the truth about him.  Yep.  One million dollar lawsuit filed in federal court 2 weeks ago.  He had a fixer who attempted to strong arm us into settlement in an attempt to bury the truth by getting the owners of the blog to shut it down.  Tye Farley is a Deric in a silk suit.  Turns out he, like Deric, appropriates the lives and accomplishments of others to enhance his implied credibility.

So, what has happened since the media refuses to do their job and actually research a story?  Deric uses his embellishment as a way to seek donations from the unknowing and uneducated public by giving them a big sob story that the government is trying to destroy his life by charging him with crimes under CFAA because he says he  dindunuffin.

Deric’s charges have absolutely NOTHING to do with the rape case.  He had no legitimate reason or purpose to hack the fansite other than to be an asshole.  He targeted Jim Parks because he ran a football fansite for the high school, and then Deric accessed his emails and posted nude photos of innocent women on the internet, and victimized them…because he is an asshole.

But that’s not the first time that Deric has victimized innocent women.  There are many allegations of rape against him and MANY documented threats to rape women if they cross him.  In fact, after Deric’s arraignment and prohibition by the court to use the internet for anything but business purposes or to communicate with his attorney, he violated the terms of his release.  This was 5 days after his arraignment.  He also violated the terms of his release on the DAY OF his arraignment causing the US Attorney’s Office to issue a Notice of Violation.

A woman Deric knew in high school posted a comment on an article about him alleging that he had threatened to put roofies in her drink and rape her.  Deric was obviously monitoring the internet (not for business purposes) and Googled a number to contact this woman and threatened her via text that if she didn’t remove the comments within 24-hours he would sue her.  She in turn contacted the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office regarding the threatening communication.

Deric is going to go to prison for violating CFAA.  He is probably going to go to federal holding for basically giving the government the finger and defying their order to behave on the internet.  Now he’s going to pay the price for telling the government to F off.  The law is there to protect the public from individuals like Deric.  Deric being in prison is protecting him from himself.

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