Deric Lostutter Reporting Facebook Posts

EVERYONE knows that Lostutter is using the internet.  Apparently, his PO does not or hasn’t been able to prove that he is.  This evening when I logged onto Facebook, I was forced to acknowledge a takedown notice from FB about a post that was reported and taken down from our defense fund page.  There is NO ONE who would benefit from having his bad behavior removed from the internet other than Deric Lostutter.  While Deric Lostutter awaits sentencing for conspiracy and lying to a federal agent, rather than spend time with his wife and newborn baby, he is spending his days scribbling his illegible psychosis and filing pleadings, subpoenas and discovery requests which have been deemed MOOT due to the pending ruling on a Motion to Dismiss the federal civil suit he filed against us. 

There is not one thing threatening or harassing about that post.  It is TRUTH.  He is not to engage in discovery until the court has ruled on the matter of personal jurisdiction, but he’s too much of a narcissistic wingnut to abide by rules…which is why he is going to federal prison. 

Below are the Request for Admissions which on their face show how unhinged he is. 

P’s RFAs

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