The Fight to Speak the Truth

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Four years ago today, the defamation case against myself and 25 John Doe commenters was dismissed with prejudice.  Of course, we were all elated that the fight to allow my anonymous commenters to remain anonymous had ended favorably.  No one’s identity was revealed and their right to remain anonymous was upheld.

Today, four years later, I am once again in a court battle regarding the First Amendment.  We are fighting to protect anonymous speech and our right to speak the truth.  Deric Lostutter has filed a SLAPP action in federal court and is representing himself.  To date, he has filed hundreds of pages of handwritten jibberish forcing our attorney to review his illegible word salad. 

Lostutter is now firing off subpoenas even though discovery is not permitted since we have filed a Motion to Dismiss based on lack of personal jurisdiction.  As usual, Deric doesn’t think the rules apply to him.  His purpose in filing subpoenas is to obtain information that he is not entitled to.  He is seeking commenter information from this blog, and I will go to jail before I turn over anything of the sort to him. 

He has also filed Requests for Admissions which are laughable. 

I am not quite sure I understand the importance of an admission regarding his name being in Rolling Stone other than to inflate his already inflated ego.  It is my opinion and belief that Deric Lostutter is a predator and a narcissist, and any information that he thinks he will glean from his frivolous and vexatious lawsuit will be used to increase his very long list of victims. 

Deric has also enlisted the help of two of my neighbors – who I will identify and be posting about soon.  It is very alarming to know that he has one documented domestic violence batterer and his latest victim to be girlfriend spying on me and reporting back to him regarding my day to day movements.  I’m sure they have him on speed dial.  She just took her trash out!!!  ALERT! ALERT!  *idiots*

So, here I am back in a lawsuit again fighting to protect the TRUTH and the right to publicly discuss it.  We are going to fight this insanity to the bitter end. 

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2 thoughts on “The Fight to Speak the Truth

    1. prinnie Post author

      You can have him! I am so sick of his crap. I don’t understand why his PO hasn’t violated him for using the internet and the telephone as he is forbidden to do. The two idiots who are now assisting him to stalk and harass us probably have him on speed dial to tattletale on everyone. EVERYONE knows that Deric is using the internet. He isn’t smart enough to draft pleadings by reading case law. He has no sense of comprehension nor does he retain information. He’s copying and pasting legal documents from online, and his “handler” is just as complicit in helping him violate the terms of his release.

      A normal person would be making memories with their newborn child before they were incarcerated, but not Deric. He spends every waking hour obsessing about us and racking up a longer list of victims. I hold the US Probation Office responsible for this for not doing their job.

      He’s all yours. Maybe you’ll be successful in stopping the little jerk.


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