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Deric Lostutter has plead guilty to two felony charges and is facing a maximum ten year sentence.  He has admitted that he lied to the FBI and that he was involved in the hacking of the Steubenville High School football fansite for the purpose of gaining public notoriety for himself — NOT to help Jane Doe; not to bring attention to the crime, but to bring attention to himself, KYAnonymous. 

His sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for March 8, 2017.  As part of his sentencing, the United States Parole Office prepares a pre-sentencing report which is given to the Honorable Judge Danny Reeves for consideration.  Per Lostutter’s Sentencing Agreement, there are certain timelines as it relates to the pre-sentencing report.  One of those is the date in which Probation Officer Mark George will submit his report to the Judge. 

Over the course of the past four years, Deric Lostutter has victimized MANY.  Not only has he re-victimized Jane Doe every time he repeats the lie that he solved the Steubenville rape case, but Deric has victimized others by defrauding them or by living off of donations made while standing on Jane Doe’s back repeating his lie. There are those who say it is unfair that Deric get more time than the rapists.  What those individuals don’t know is what Deric has been up to for the past four years. Would they still support someone who has threatened to rape women and make their children watch?  Would they support someone who accuses a grieving father of impregnating his own daughter and then murdering her?

Now is the time for all who have been victimized by Deric or who have been watching while he victimizes others to have their voice heard.  You can write to Judge Reeves with your concerns at:

The Honorable Danny C. Reeves
United States District Judge
US District Court
101 Barr Street
Lexington, KY 40507


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6 thoughts on “Lostutter Sentencing Hearing Info

  1. Amanda

    One more thing, I had someone hack in to my website and couldn’t get the police or FBI to do anything about it. You think the FBI acted only because of the publicity?

    1. prinnie Post author

      Yes, and they had been watching Deric for years. I believe that they realized he is a danger to the public and this is what prompted them to indict. He had also racked up a list of victims pages long, and has used the rape of a young girl as a marketing platform for donations. He has not held a longterm job in the last 4 years, and has lived on the kindness of others.


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