HomelifeCeeCee Was Confiscated by Ohio Dept of Natural Resources

Over the summer a baby sparrow was repeatedly being pushed out of the nest on my front porch.  I put her back in the nest several times hoping that her siblings weren’t pushing her out because she was a runt or there wasn’t enough food and it was survival of the fittest.  I checked on her daily and they continued to either toss her out of the nest onto my cement deck, or push her towards the end of the blinds the nest was in.  Finally, my heart got the best of me when they had pushed her out again, and I intervened.  I struggled with the decision to rescue her or let nature take its course, and I just could not with good conscience sit in my home and know that she might be dying right outside of my front door.  So I rescued her, and brought her inside. 

For over 2 months I hand fed her using either my fingers or a syringe and even had the neighbors coming over to feed her in half hour intervals while I was at work so she would have nutrition.  Most everyone I talked to about her said that the odds of her surviving were slim and that more often than not, baby birds will die when in human care.  Every day I hoped and prayed that she would make it, and everyday she was still fighting for her life.  Miraculously, CeeCee made it through the critical stage for survival, and continued to thrive once she could eat on her own.

She was never caged.  I put her in the cage once, and she 

panicked…literally.  She was shaking and had her mouth open breathing quickly and my heart broke for her. I just couldn’t make her live in a cage, and so she didn’t.  At night I would tell her it’s nite nite time, and she would fly to me and crawl into the fuzzy cloth that was her “blanket”.  She would settle in and coo.  I would talk to her and when she was warm and comfortable, she was swaddled in her blanket and put in the basket that was her bed.  She stayed in her blanket all night.  Not once did she ever get out during the night and fly around the house, but she would wake up in the morning and come out to greet her four-legged brother and sister, my dogs.  They adored her and she was not afraid of them.  She and my Jack Russell Terrier played chase in the house, and she would sit by him and sing. 

Apparently, in Ohio you are not allowed to keep “wildlife”.  My choices were (1) let CeeCee lay outside and die, and (2) let CeeCee lay outside and die.  For the last 6 months CeeCee has lived with me, in the house with my dogs.  She was a very healthy, very happy bird.  She enjoyed music, and would sing along with the music.  When she wanted my attention, she would sit on my paper and move the pen or start fluttering all over the page until I talked to her.  She would take the paper and throw it to the floor.  She really had a personality and she was smart.  Not once did she ever fly to the door or a window.  She never flew towards mirrors.  Had she behaved as though she wanted back in the wild, I would have regretted my decision not to release her, but she was so attached to me and the dogs that I feared for her safety if she were to go back into the wild.  I trained her to come to me with a clicking sound for food just in case she ever got out, I could call for her. 

As most of you know, Deric Lostutter has filed a million dollar federal lawsuit against us in an attempt to silence speech about him and his abhorrent behavior.  He has done everything in his power to abuse, harass, malign, and cause us grief since he has filed the lawsuit.  He is forbidden to use the internet and phone, yet continues to violate the conditions of his federal release.  He has no self control which is why he will find himself incarcerated in federal prison for years.

Three months ago my best friend of 30 years started dating a man that has a history of domestic violence and fraud.  When I expressed my concerns about this man, she shared my concern with him and as all abusers do, they begin grooming their partner to alienate them from friends and family.  Her boyfriend began stalking me online and making unsolicited contact with individuals online hoping that they could inflame these people to harass me on his behalf.  She participated in the stalking by researching information online and visiting my LinkedIn profile and other online presence presumably to gather information.  Eventually, he reached out to Deric Lostutter and the three began conspiring on ways to make that bitch pay.  I won’t go through the very long list of malicious actions, but the most recent is the complaint they made to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that I had CeeCee. 

On Thursday, I was forced to surrender CeeCee to the ODNR or face criminal charges.  I understand the reason that there is a law regarding wildlife, but the only reason that I was forced to give up my pet is because of these three monsters.  They had absolutely no regard for her.  My former friend had even helped feed her when I first found her yet she had no problem potentially issuing her a death sentence if she is unable to be rehab’d and returned to the wild.  None of these people have a soul.  It is especially disturbing that a woman is under such control of a man so much so that she is willing to participate in such a heartless act. 

CeeCee is at a wildlife rehabilitation facility nearby and is doing well.  I am hopeful that she will remember her wild instincts and thrive in the wild, as she did in my home.  She fought to live as a baby, and she’ll be okay back in her environment.  As for the three monsters, I have a saying that has proven true time and time again.  You can only throw so much shit out into the universe until you get some on you.  Karma is a mean bitch and I truly believe that she will dole out what those three tossed out.

Author, activist, lover of all animals and a few people.

Defend speech because it’s free; not because you agree with it.

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CeeCee Was Confiscated by Ohio Dept of Natural Resources — 22 Comments

  1. She loved you and was taken care of very well. Smart and loved the dogs. She literally loved that life . She was such a blessing to you and you to her . Ive never saw a bird such as CeeCee with such love and sweetness. She really was a family member . It saddens me that heartless people exist in this world . We love you CeeCee..

  2. Rescued a barn owl once with an injured wing. By some animal instinct our cats found a nest of field mice. Those mice were caged and fed to that owl until wildlife rescue finally came out after a week’s worth of calls to come. It sat on a bale of hay with a bowl of water nearby and fed the natural food they would find in the wild. Seemed no one cared to immediately take and rehabilitate a beautiful protected bird. Yet a tiny sparrow rescued, and against all odds survives and thrives, is a testament to one woman’s concern and care for all animals. That would be wild or domestic.

    In my opinion, Alex Goddard should be awarded with a certificate of thanks for the rescue of endangered wildlife by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Give her back CeeCee or let her fly free in your office.

    Derek and his newly found cohorts should rot in Hell.

    • In the past we had many birds flying in to our workplace a Department Store located in a mall. The birds lived there until somehow they disappeared. They would sit and watch people from a far even made it to the pizza place. Long story short I never saw ODNR come in and rescue them. Unless they found their way out again they likely died up above the ceiling.
      CeeCee never knew the wild there was no danger to her or her human mama or the other furry animals. Derek and K and the looser should rot in hell. I am very confident that Karma will visit each of them,

      • The ODNR officers were very kind and felt bad about the situation. They realized that CeeCee was very well cared for and the only reason she was an issue was because of the three amigos. Karma will come. It always does. I may never know it, but they will.

        Deric is going to be in federal prison soon and his life as he knows it will change abruptly. No longer will he be the one calling the shots. No longer will he be able to hurt others. Finally, he will be the victim. His life there is not going to be pleasant and everyday he rots in a cell is one well-deserved. As for the other two, she is going to wake up one day alienated from everyone but her abuser. When he has run out of others to abuse, he will turn his attention towards her. This is a man who beat a woman in broad daylight. If she thinks her day isn’t coming when he turns his fists on her, she’s wrong. She should read the police report.

        • I am sure the officers were kind and doing their job they had no choice but to carry out orders. I guess the point I tried to make was that they would have never showed at your Doorstep had not been for the monsters

    • It’s absolutely repulsive what they did. I am not the one that has been harmed here. It was CeeCee. Karen fed her (or claimed she did) when she was first found. For her to be involved in this after having a relationship with her shows me the person I am horrified to realize is behind her facade. Never in my lifetime would I believe that she would be capable of being so evil. There is no other word for this. EVIL. For no other purpose than to cause me grief, they plotted to have a defenseless creature set out into the wild to fend for herself after only knowing a domesticated life. She should be so ashamed of herself. Of all the nasty things she and her boyfriend have done to me in the past three months, this is the most repugnant.

      I am sure CeeCee will thrive. She is a fighter and has been since the day I brought her inside. I have read that sparrows instinctively return to their nest. She’s only 7 miles away from home and maybe she’ll return. In the meantime, I am going to continue documenting all of this for the day that karma comes to roost.

  3. Karen feeding her I do remember as you mentioned that early on. Makes me sad that she stooped to that but you never know what people are capable off and how hurtful they can be. I hear you right there Alex as we know I too experienced something similar this summer. I too thought that person would never hurt me like that. Pretty much doing things for the sake of a partner it’s evil. She is so in LOVE and so BLIND to the abuser. The day will come when he beats the crap out of her that is only a matter of time. In Domestic Violence cases the there is a honeymoon period and when the victim is totally isolated from family and friends all HELL breaks loose. Sadly CeeCee was also a victim as well as you. But I do know one thing for certain people can make us pretty miserable but we are fighters and we will not Break. I know you are sad and that is okay but you will be okay. After all you are my Daughter and we will continue to stand for what we believe in. I only hope that these Monsters never cross my path. More then likely Karen will at some point. I don’t believe I could feel bad if she had two shiners but again that is part of being a victim of Domestic Violence. We need to forgive so we can move on. The forgetting part is harder choosing to never speak or having contact with people like that is best. Once trust is broken is hard to go back to how things use to be.

      • I didn’t mean forgive her she is a evil Bitch. Just being able to move on instead of being consumed by the hurt. I know the hurt will never go away it’s deep. We just have to move forward knowing that they will get theirs. Guess I used forgiving as a figure of speech.

        • I moved on a long time ago. Unfortunately, they have not and apparently sit around conspiring on ways that they can hurt me. It’s kind of sad to be honest. Grown adults behaving like this. They care more about me than I do them. I have documented everything – all the harassment, the unsolicited contacts with strangers on the internet to get information about me, the visits to my accounts, etc. I just want them to leave me alone. They have attempted to have people get information from my FB, they stalk and monitored my Twitter account and assume that everything I tweet is about them. The cries about vaginas. Good grief. They are ignorant and uneducated. Unlike them I have a life that doesn’t involve giving a shit about them.

          • that is right. Karen never had a backbone and apparently she dances to the tune of the looser. Well you should by now know the make up of people like that. I know you will be fine. However they are going to keep it up seeing if you will break. I got news for them and Karen especially she has no clue about the things she got her self into contacting Derek. She will find out in the future and wish she would have stayed out of. After her looser boyfriend beats her she will come to her senses and find no friend will be there for her.

  4. No, she doesn’t have a backbone and has never had one thus why she allows someone like toothless in her life. He’s been grooming her from day one, as he has done everyone he has ever dated. All she has to do is do some research. Start with the police report where he beat the shit out of his ex in broad daylight. Is this what normal, decent men do? First it’s having her pay his deposit to get the apartment, and pay for all of the decorations to spruce up his place. She’s probably been paying his bills by now. I know he uses her internet and is probably on her phone plan by now, because he does what he has always done – is a sponge. There was not one single problem until IT moved in. Not one. From day one he started his psychotic shit. If he isn’t harassing someone he isn’t happy. He’s a violent person with anger issues, and she is setting herself up to be a victim. At this point – zero shits given. When he knocks her teeth out of her face, and he will, I hope she remembers what she did to an innocent baby bird that had not one thing to do with any of their fuckery other than being in my home. VILE, FILTHY pigs…all of them. She’s weak and does not have the balls to say no and this is why she is involved in all this crap. One day he will be gone…and so will the rest of her friends.

    All of that aside, I’ve been through much worse in my life and have always gotten back up. Her not so much. She can’t stand on her own. She either reaches for her mother’s hand to help her up or the hand of whatever dirty dick she is with at the time.

    Life goes on. I’m getting another bird. 🙂 And CeeCee will be back. Who loses in the end? Not me. 🙂

    • that is right you have been through much worse. I am positive in the end after the looser beats her there will be no one to help. She will have lost every friend she ever had. I had a lot of respect for Karen in the past not any longer. Most people never realize that what they are doing rarely ever goes unnoticed by others. BTW I have had a Westerville phone number call me and never leaving any messages. This not just once or twice but continuously. I would hope it’s neither of them.
      I know one thing if that Bird gets loose she will be back for sure. In the meantime life does go on.

  5. “Friendship depends on trust, not money, not power, not mere education or knowledge. Only if there is trust between us will there be friendship. Trust is related to whether we have a sincere motivation. If we’re serious about taking care of others, protecting their lives and respecting their rights, we’ll be able to conduct our lives transparently and that’s the basis of trust, which in turn is the basis of friendship.” ~Dalai Lama

    What your friend did to the bird speaks volumes as to the person that is really inside.

  6. Do you spend your every waking hour monitoring this blog? Are you still conspiring with the Lostutters? It is very obvious who is harassing who here. I suggest you find something else to do with your time. Psycho.


    You are beyond sick and repulsive.

  7. why did you turn into a coward and give them the bird? I’d’ve made them arrest me and go to court. you cannot give in to this kind of nonsense. otherwise it just encourages Govt over-reach and oppression. being arrested ain’t that big of a deal, you know.

    • I was going to refuse to surrender her, and when asked what would happen when I didn’t I was told that I would be arrested and charged. I don’t think it was being a coward, I was an emotional, hysterical mess. They had the upper hand. I am sure ODNR could have cared less that I had CeeCee, but those three assholes made it an issue. I can’t turn back time. I’m heartbroken and can only hope that karma falls upon them. I am not an evil person, unlike those ditch pigs.

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