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Judge Reeves has been receiving correspondence from third parties regarding Deric Lostutter’s upcoming sentencing hearing.  Some of the letters are expressing their desire that Judge Reeves give the maximum sentence, and others are from supporters of Deric asking that the Judge grant leniency.  From the Order:

ORDERED that, during the upcoming sentencing proceeding, the parties, by counsel, are expected to summarize each and every letter, note and other item of correspondence submitted by any third party which they wish the Court to consider in connection with the sentence to be imposed. With espect to these materials, the government and the defendant are expected to identify any relationship with any such third party who has submitted information to the Court.

Many of the letters supporting Deric make mention of his “helping a rape victim”.  These statements are erroneous as Deric did no such thing, and admitted as much in his plea agreement.  His signed plea agreement states that he hacked the website to gain notoriety for his online name, and to harass his victims.  There is nothing that Deric did to help the victim.  He has done everything in his power to exploit her for the last four years.

It will be interesting to hear both sides weigh in on the letters submitted to the Court.

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4 thoughts on “Latest Court Order

  1. Tom Retzlaff

    I’ve already talked to the probation officer putting together Lostutter’s PSI, so fuck him – Lostutter is toast. As a former state and federal law enforcement officer, Lostutter and his idiot employer James McGibney made a HUGE mistake when they started cyber-stalking me and my family. I have had several conversations with the AUSA handling Lostutter’s case, too. Neeraj Gupta does not much like computer hackers or, especially, revenge pornographers and cyber-stalkers. So the fix is in and the hammer is about to be dropped on Lostutter.

    1. prinnie Post author

      Good. Deric never intended to white knight. By virtue of his plea agreement, he has admitted that he did this for attention for HIMSELF. Deric cares about no one but himself.

      Do you know when the PSI is to be submitted? I think it is fairly soon. And I removed Jane Doe’s name. Please respect her privacy.

  2. Tom Retzlaff

    Oh, and by the way, ***REMOVED*** never heard of Lostutter before this hacking incident. She never asked him for help and does not give two shits about him. Lostutter acts like it is not a simple matter to reach out to this woman and ask her point blank what the deal was. Lostutter’s claims of trying to White Knight for this girl are total BS – 100% VERIFIED!

    1. prinnie Post author

      I know that. Those close to her know that, but Deric has lied to the media for years, and since NONE of them want to research or fact check they believe the spew that comes from his lying mouth.


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