CeeCee Update

I received an email from the Ohio Wildlife Center where CeeCee was taken after I had to surrender her to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  I can’t express how grateful I am that they were thoughtful enough to send me an update about her.  

Hi Alexandria,
I just wanted to let you know that the sparrow is healthy, and is currently in an aviary with other birds.  Our first priority is to attempt to decrease the human seeking behaviors to see if it will assimilate with other birds of its’ species.  If we are unsuccessful, we will most likely be seeking placement options.  I understand your attachment to the bird since you were instrumental in its survival, and we will ultimately make the best decision for her.  We do not, however, provide regular updates on our patients while they are in our care due to the volume of animals we receive.  We will let you know the final outcome when the time comes.  Thanks so much for giving this bird a second chance, and know that she is in good hands with us. 
Thanks so much,
I am glad that she is doing well, and I miss her very much.  CeeCee wasn’t just a sparrow.  She was a pet, and she had a lot of people who were and still are very concerned about her.  They are also still as angry as I am that a group of soulless individuals plotted to have her taken away from me.  Some things in life are unforgivable, and this is one of them.  
I will post again when I know more.  Thanks to everyone who has messaged, called and emailed the Ohio DNR and Wildlife Association trying to get an update.  It is much appreciated.

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