Lostutter Sentencing Memorandum & A Dose of Truth: Deric Lostutter LIED

While Deric Lostutter’s supporters are mailing in letters, begging the court for leniency because he is a “changed man” and a ” new father”; the US Attorney’s Office is laying down some documented truth about Deric Lostutter and the lie that he has lived and profited from. On March 1, the Sentencing Memorandum was filed with the US District Court and FINALLY Deric’s frauds are judicially exposed – in black and white.

Deric obviously doesn’t tell the people close to him that he didn’t solve a rape case nor that his “whistleblowing” helped in any way solve the Steubenville rape case. Those people who still support him continue to parrot  “the rapists got less time than Deric is facing for standing up for a rape victim”; however, the TRUTH is:  Deric never stood up for Jane Doe.  NOT ONCE.  He used the case as a means of personal gain and to establish personal notoriety for himself.  FOR HIMSELF.  NO ONE else mattered.  Not even Jane Doe.  There is MUCH interesting information found in the United States Attorney’s Sentencing Memorandum:

Lostutter promoted a false media narrative justifying his crime as necessary to solve the August 2012 rape of a high school student in Ohio, see Exhibit 1, ignoring that all the evidence was previously known and both rapists were  arrested months before his December 2012 computer hack (PSR ¶ 5). Throughout his prosecution, Lostutter has collected money by posing as a whistleblower who stopped a media coverup and police corruption, see Exhibit 2, fraudulently concealing that the rape case received national press attention before his involvement (R. 72 at ¶ 4(a)) and that his threatening video intimidated the government’s witnesses. During his explanation of the facts at his rearraignment proceeding (R. 70), Lostutter again justified his crime, falsely claiming that he needed to “do something about it because no one else did.” (emphasis added by blog author)

Lostutter’s self-promotion and self-congratulation never acknowledge that his illegal actions defamed a fan website operator as a child pornographer and director of a “rape crew,” threatened to do the same to a list of high school students, and invaded the privacy of unconnected adult women by publicly posting their emails containing nude photographs (PSR ¶¶ 6, 12, 18). Nor does he give any logical reason why he thought it helped the rape victim to publicly post this defamatory manifesto, private emails, and threatening video (which included a picture of the rape victim). Nor does he explain why he reasonably believed that it was necessary, or even helpful, for him to punish and threaten strangers without due process, from behind a virtual private networking service and a Guy Fawkes mask. Lostutter’s actual motive was to gain publicity for his online username (R. 72 at ¶ 4(c, i)), without regard for the real  repercussions to real human beings. A sentence at the upper end of the guidelines range is necessary to finally reflect the seriousness of this offense.

If Lostutter’s crime was helpful and necessary, he would not have lied to FBI agents about his role in the conspiracy (PSR ¶ 2). If Lostutter’s interest was justice, he would not have given self-serving sworn testimony in this Court that was judged “inherently incredible,” “fanciful,” “utterly unbelievable,” and “blatantly inaccurate” (R. 60 at 23-24). Lostutter’s repeated obstructions show contempt for the justice system. An upper end of the guidelines range sentence is necessary to promote respect for the law.

The OUSA (Office of the United States Attorney) attached the mic.com article as Exhibit A.  It appears that they were paying attention to Deric’s antics.  He had just been released on bond, and IMMEDIATELY began his campaign under the umbrella of lies he has told for years by using journalist Jack Smith of mic.com to write an article that was not only filled with false, unresearched, unverified information, but  flat out lies proffered by Deric Lostutter.  Deric did NOT solve a rape case.  I had emailed mic.com and posted comments on their article (which were removed) asking them to please correct the information and remove the lies told by Smith and Lostutter.  I asked that they please do not print lies and to please be responsible journalists by reporting the facts.  They allowed their readers to be fed salacious stories of harassment and woe befallen unto the poor Deric Lostutter, but Lostutter had some help getting this campaign targeting the unknowing readers into opening their hearts and their wallets.  He had a new reputation manager who I am told VOLUNTEERED to help Deric clean up the destruction he had done to himself by being such a horrible person and of course, who can forget his short (no pun intended) and greasy webcam porn career with the Mrs.  Tye Farley, who claims to have ties with the Black Lives Matter folks came to the rescue.  He was to help Deric repair his reputation and it was obviously he and Deric who were able to get mic.com on board to parrot their fairytales of white knights and savior of all the rape victims — please give freely to the Gofundme.  Blech.

Deric made out with over $12,600 in donations for the benefit of “Jenny Sanders” aka the Mrs. and it appears that the OUSA was watching all along.  In my opinion, it sounds like they believe what the rest of us have been saying for years…some longer than others…that Deric is a predator, and without incarceration he is not going to stop harassing and victimizing others.  He has taken none of this seriously.  In fact, Deric Lostutter thinks that being “V8” (vanned) is some sort of badge of honor.  He credits himself as a “Vanned Anonymous” member.  Being raided, investigated, indicted and sentenced for FEDERAL CRIMES is nothing to be proud of.  But none of that stopped Deric nor the people who support him blindly, or those who conspire with him to harm others for them.  He continued to harass and victimize, and at one point even advertised himself as “Hire a Hacker” where he was paid to harass others.  I’ve written about several of the people that Deric Lostutter targeted, but the most egregious harassment was done to the Elvis family.  I will never stop being angry about the way he victimized that family.  Here is more from the Sentencing Memorandum which discusses his post-release behavior:

After an itinerant career (PSR ¶¶ 67-68), Lostutter found fame as a computer hacker (PSR ¶ 71). Since then, he seemingly cannot stop harassing others online (PSR ¶¶ 3, 74- 78), even opening an “investigation” business for online harassment on behalf of clients Case: 5:16-cr-00062-DCR-REW Doc #: 101 Filed: 03/01/17 Page: 4 of 5 – Page ID#: 680 5 (R. 30 at n.2). In the face of a specific Court order not to use the Internet to threaten or harass any other person (R. 18), Lostutter violated that release condition within days (R. 30, 64 at 2). Lostutter’s self-promotion and justification of his computer crime, his false statements to the FBI and to this Court, and his continued online harassment of other victims make Lostutter’s record unfavorably dissimilar to other defendants who have been found guilty of similar conduct. 1 § 3553(a)(6). The only appropriate way to end Lostutter’s computer hacking career is to incapacitate him in prison for a sentence of imprisonment at the upper end of the guidelines range calculated by the Probation Office.

It looks like Deric’s days of abusing and tormenting others is coming to an end.  For how long is to be seen.  That will be decided on Wednesday, March 8 when he appears before Judge Reeves for sentencing.  I can only hope that he receives the maximum.  He needs to be taken out of commission for as long as the system allows.  Perhaps those who still believe that he did anything in Steubenville besides cause chaos and terror will do some research, and if not at least read the sentencing documents to realize that their “hero” is a pasty, tattooed ZERO who thinks of no one but himself.  To those who have used Lostutter to harass and torment others for them, it looks like your patsy is going up the river.

Wednesday cannot get here soon enough.

Sentencing Memorandum and Jane Hanlin’s Victim Impact Statement

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