Lostutter Sentenced to Two Years In Prison

Deric Lostutter was sentenced this week to five years – two years in federal prison and three years supervised release.  Murt attended the hearing and provided a wealth of information of what transpired during the hearing.  Of note the Judge repeatedly called Deric a liar, and a “shakedown artist”.  The Judge repeated what many have been accusing Deric of for years:  that his involvement in the Steubenville case was “self-serving” and that he has never accepted responsibility for his behavior.

Deric gave a statement at his sentencing hearing and stated that he has been a law abiding citizen for the past three years.  I guess the 5-year restraining order against him slipped his mind, or that he was hired to harass the grieving family of Heather Elvis, or that he harassed a pregnant woman and accused her of “fetal kidnapping”, or that he has used the Forsyth County legal system as a weapon to file revenge motivated lawsuits and lied to obtain criminal arrest warrants against those who spoke the truth about him.  The Judge also accused Deric of perjury after he had been dishonest during his arraignment hearing.  Deric also claimed that he has PTSD caused by the FBI’s execution of a search warrant at his home in April, 2013.  The Judge basically told him that he was full of crap.

Deric was given three years of supervised release where he is to find a new profession and is forbidden to work in the IT field.  Also of interest are some of the conditions of his release.   Previously, he violated the terms of his release days after his arraignment when he contacted someone who spoke negatively about him and threatened her via direct message.

Deric Lostutter: Intimidation By Proxy


Deric has continued to violate the terms of his release by using the internet or having a third party sign into his social media accounts which the Court prohibited.  He is still accessing his Instagram account and using the internet to stalk/intimidate people.  Holly Briley wrote a blog post about Deric’s sentencing hearing, and apparently his wife, Jennifer Lostutter, had issue with it.  She tracked Holly down on Instagram and “liked” every photo on her account.  Holly doesn’t know Jennifer Lostutter. She has absolutely no relationship with her and only knows of her as Deric’s wife, but the Mrs. made her ire about the blog post known by liking all of Holly’s photographs.  There was absolutely no reason for Jennifer Lostutter to do this except as a show of intimidation.

The Judge is absolutely right about Deric Lostutter.  He cannot stop harassing people on the internet.

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