What Really Happened to CeeCee

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  EVERYTHING.  It may be awful and uncomfortable when it happens, but eventually there is either a lesson learned or the truth makes its way to the light.  The truth about how CeeCee was seized by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has come to the light, and its ugly.  It has exposed the ugly that human beings can be capable of, and that everything is not always as it seems.

Deric Lostutter had nothing to do with CeeCee being taken from me, but one of his new friends did.  The woman I called best friend for over 30-years is how she was taken.  After we got into a disagreement, which I have now realized started from her attempts to cover up her manipulation and lies, Karen was trying to think of ways to hurt me, and what better way to hurt me than to stab me in the heart.  She made several phone calls to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and when they didn’t call her back an email was sent stating that I turned a sparrow into a pet and was letting her drink coffee.  She sent a link to the Facebook page for CeeCee to show that she was a household pet, and the rest is history.

CeeCee is now at an aviary where they are trying to teach her by being with other birds to be wild again and not seek human interaction.  If she is not able to assimilate with other birds of her species, a decision will be made about what her fate is, which could be to euthanize her.

The sickening part of this story is Karen used to hand feed CeeCee when she was a baby and was unable to eat by herself.  She came into my home (or so she said) while I was at work to feed her so she wouldn’t die.  This monster then made the decision to potentially have CeeCee killed because she is mad at me.  This is DISGUSTING!  SHE is disgusting!  There are not enough adjectives to describe the evilness in her soul to be able to retaliate against me by targeting an innocent animal.


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  1. murtwitnessone

    Sometimes your enemy is your best friend. It is amazing how someone you trusted could do something like this. Unfortunately your case is not rare. It happens every day. It has happened to me and others as well.

    At least your former friend has been exposed for the person she truly is and you can put her out of your life and move on.


  2. Holly Briley

    Hear that?
    That is the sound of the Karma train….

  3. LyndaLubner

    Truth will out. It always does.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I hope she’s happy that she crushed my heart and nearly broke me emotionally. Did she laugh out loud when she heard me sobbing hysterically to the ODNR guys begging them not to take CeeCee? Or asking what would happen if I refused to surrender her because she wasn’t hurting anyone and there was no reason for anyone to do this unless they were pure effing evil? I hope that made her feel great! What she did was as evil as someone laughing about her sister dying or her husband walking out on her and never looking back. Yeah, those are really fucking hysterical events, huh? What happened to her? What the F is wrong with her that it would be hilarious for her to take that little bitty bird who I saved her life…and really, she saved mine. She brought me so much joy.

      I will NEVER forgive Karen Wendelstam for doing this. It was ugly, and vile and served no purpose other than a hateful, disgusting need to hurt me. I know so much more. It’s just as ugly and evil.

      But this…I can’t ever stop thinking about how she ripped CeeCee out of her warm home with her family and forced her to live in the cold, alone and may have sent her to her death if she doesn’t learn to be a wild bird again. She’s an absolutely disgusting person who I would trust around no one simply because she is capable of such evil.


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