Even After Being Incarcerated, Lostutter Spews His Bullshit

Deric Lostutter is never ever going to admit that he is a liar nor is he ever going to stop using the rape of a young girl as a means to justify his grandiose claims of being a knight in shining armor.  Even from the cold reality of being incarcerated, he continues to spew his proven lies. On May 1, his wife, Jennifer Lostutter, posted this on his behalf.  Grab a chunk bucket and some boots. He lays it on thick.

“My incarceration for hacking was inevitable, as I have always taken account for my actions regarding my crusade against rape culture not only in Steubenville, but in America as a whole. My premature imprisonment by Judge Reeves before my self report date, however, shows the extreme bias of my case. To be held responsible for my wife’s constitutionally protected free speech and expect to censor it, is a standard that is unacceptable in our judicial system. A man does not “control ” his spouse. This unreasonable and unconstitutional expectation to control third party actions is not listed, or alluded to, in my release conditions. As well, the judge with only hearsay letters from a crooked prosecutor out of Steubenville and a few from people I am actively suing for stalking has labeled me a cyber bully, furthering proof that even at the highest level of government we do not value our women. If stating that the rapists in Steubenville who brutally attacked an underage and unconscious female, then posted it on social media for all to see, and those adult school officials who tried to cover it up and were subsequently indicted are horrible people, constitutes being a bully, then indeed I am guilty as charged. A proud bully as I sit in shackles for standing up for an underage girl and the inherent right that her case would be handled without collusion from adults sworn to protect her trying to erase the fact it ever happened to protect their “star” football players.

No, they aren’t a Stanford swimmer or a Broncos quarterback or “star” football players. They are rapists and the passes that are thrown from our judicial system are the exact reason why so many like myself have to take up the reigns to protect the women of this nation and the world. If I have to sit here in prison to ensure my own daughter grows up in a nation where she is free to drink at a party because the surrounding son’s of others were taught how not to rape someone and what consent is and so our judicial system will protect our women and deliver proper punishment to rapists and if I have to sit in prison prematurely to demonstrate a woman does not need a man’s permission to speak, so be it.”

-Deric Lostutter
Quoted in a letter to his wife while being held at the Oklahoma City FTC

Deric Lostutter has NEVER taken responsibility for his actions.  Judge Danny Reeves, who presided over his criminal case, stated in open court that Deric had failed to show any remorse for hacking the Steubenville Big Red high school football fansite, and that he had used the case as a means of personal profit for years.  Immediately after his court appearance for sentencing, Deric stated to the very sparse media presence outside that he had helped indict others in the coverup of the rape case.  That is absolutely NOT true.  He had nothing to do with indictments that to this day have never been proven to the public had anything to do with the rape case.  Deric has used the lazy media as his mouthpiece to spread his tall tales.  Had any of the journalists reporting on Deric’s case actually done their own research rather than copying and pasting the erroneous information of others before them, they would have known that he did nothing to help the case, nor did he help solve anything.

Deric goes on in his letter from prison to state that he was jailed prematurely because of the “extreme bias” in his case.  Bullshit.  Deric was sent to prison early because he couldn’t stay off the internet and wouldn’t stop harassing people after being ordered by the federal Judge to cut it out.  The Judge absolutely pointed out to Lostutter that no third party could post on his behalf, and as such, his social media accounts were the subject of a motion filed by his defense team.  The Judge ordered that no one could use the accounts because Deric could not control himself as far as using the internet and the Judge didn’t want there to be any question as to who might be posting for Deric.  Therefore, he ordered that the accounts were off limits.

Deric stood for no one but himself, as evidenced by his admission in his Plea Agreement.  He used the rape of a young girl as a means to get internet popular.  That is not just my accusation.  That is FACT.  Deric admitted that fact. He is no hero.  He is a sociopath who yearns to be respected and to be popular.  He is neither.  He is a FELON who is sitting in prison because he threatened and abused innocent people while riding the back of a rape case to do so.  Our former co-defendant in her deal with the devil is assisting Deric in the furtherance of his lie by virtue of her dismissal and sharing of highly confidential attorney-client privileged communications which allows Deric an opportunity to continue to play hero.

While Lostutter sits in prison he is also filing ridiculous motions with regard to the federal civil case he has filed against us to the tune of $1 million and possession of my dogs.  He has withdrawn his motion for oral argument because he claims he can’t be present for the hearing which is a violation of his Constitutional rights.  Deric attended the Booger Eater School of Law because civil filings have not one thing to do with protection of Constitutional rights.  He can’t attend because the Bureau of Prisons has no obligation to cart him all over to litigate his vexatious filings.  He also is of the false belief that since Michelle McKee shared private and attorney-client privileged communications, that in doing so she has waived that privilege for Thomas and I.  Wrong.  That’s simply not how it works, and the fact that Michelle would share these highly privileged communications with a man she claims to hate more than anything shows exactly what type of person she really is:  a coward and someone who should never be trusted.

I’m sure this is not the last we will hear from Lostutter.  He has nothing but time on his hands.


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