Motion Denied

Well…the decision is in and “it ain’t good”.  The judge denied our Motion to Dismiss Deric Lostutter’s ridiculous federal lawsuit against us…which is also now just me as the lone standing defendant.  Thomas was dismissed because Lostutter had not perfected service upon him properly and in accordance to FRCP, and of course, Defendant Michelle McKee, was dismissed months ago when she engaged in Judas prudence by sharing highly confidential and privileged attorney/client communications and other information with Lostutter because she thought she was going to be “thrown under the bus”.  There was nothing for which to “throw her under the bus” for and as far as I’m concerned, her decision to play Benedict Arnold with Deric was to save her own ass and to stick it to Thomas and I.

Speaking of sticking it, there is a large legal bill that needs to be paid and she has announced publicly that she isn’t paying a dime.  Anyone wishing to help with the legal bills or my current need for funds for a retainer for an attorney, please feel free to hit the PayPal button in the corner.

The Judge wrote an extensive 49-page Memorandum and Opinion on the case and made commentary about many aspects of the case, including warning Deric about filing so much crap in the case.  Can’t say that I blame him.  Anyhow…not much more I can publicly say about this, but I don’t intend to back down, nor deal with this alone.

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  1. Angie

    Help me understand something. I believe in Free Speech. But I also believe Free Speech works both ways. I understand your argument in this lawsuit- but what I don’t understand is when someone speaks out against you or let’s say, puts on their bio for you stop bullying, harassing, stalking etc you issue and ultimatum if they don’t it down you will take “legal action”
    Why is it ok for you to blog about people and to say things but not okay for others to call you out?

    I am not asking you this to be hostile. I am asking this as a serious question. I understand this is your blog and you have every right to not publish or answer my comment.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Hi Angie:

      Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. I’ve been very sick and haven’t been on the blog. To answer your question, and if you know me, you know that I appreciate honest discussions and will engage in them. I prefer them, actually. I’ve never told anyone to take anything down – that I can recall unless it has involved my family. My deceased father was a target at one time, and that’s just not right. He can’t defend himself. This lawsuit is about Deric trying to bury the truth. It’s not even a free speech issue if you read his complaint.

      Can you give me examples of when I issued ultimatums? Again, friendly and honest discussion here, and if I have done something that I don’t remember, I’ll own it. Looking forward to your response.

      But, again…this lawsuit is not about free speech. It’s about Deric being pissed that the truth about him is out there, and doesn’t go along with the lie he told about his involvement in Steubenville, and the fact that he used a rape victim for 5 years to make a living off of.


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