STILL Being Sued by Lostutter

Inmate Lostutter is still spending time in the prison law library pounding out his vexatious missives on a manual typewriter.  I have seven — SEVEN — motions to respond to.  Someone needs to find a hobby.  Don’t they have prison jobs that he could do?  Maybe sorting garbage or washing the dirty underoos of his fellow convicts?  It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS what he is doing…and that is using a US federal court as his forum for harassment.  The lawsuit in itself is unfounded and baseless.  He is trying to silence the truth about him by filing SLAPP suits.

This week he also filed a motion for protective order asking that the Judge forbid me from blogging.  He has also issued a subpoena seeking the IP logs and anonymous commenter information from my blog.  Um, NOPE.  I’ve been down this road before and went to hell and back to protect the protected anonymous speech of my commenters, and I’ll be damned if I allow a felon, liar and person with a vast history of harassing and abusing others to obtain that information.

I’m doing this all on my own.  It’s stressful and is affecting my health in many negative ways, but I’m going to carry on.  He’s not going to break me down and make me surrender.  I said nothing false about him.  He is a liar.  He has defrauded others using the rape of a young girl as his platform to seek donations because he didn’t want to hold a regular job like the rest of us, and his business went under because it was struggling when he took it over from the previous owner.

I have nothing kind to say about Deric Lostutter.  I’ve never met anyone like him in my life.  He is also attempting to slip into the legal record that I assisted him in his “crimes” regarding Steubenville.  That could not be further from the truth.  I wouldn’t talk to him for months because of his affiliation with Anonymous.  It makes me ill that someone who was a defendant previously would cooperate with him to save her own ass, when there was nothing to save.  She’ll be dealt with throughout the course of the litigation.  Deric has already listed her as a witness to be called for testimony. I guess she didn’t think that one through.

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