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The trailer has been uploaded and I can finally share it. So far, it has gotten a lot of buzz and they added an additional showing as the others sold out right away.  I am so excited to attend the TriBeCa Film Festival and be present for the premier.  This film has been a long time coming and is something I am very proud to have contributed to.


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Defend speech because it’s free; not because you agree with it.
You can now purchase a book of the screenshots that were gathered during my research of the case and see the reasons I was so upset about what was happening in Steubenville.

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  1. John Doe

    Your exposure of others’ information and personal works ( i.e. their tweets) are considered copyright issues and will be treated as such. Many people will be glad to know this and the word will spread like wildfire. The usernames are clearly visible and these users have not been asked permission to be used in this film. Further action will be taken.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Actually, “John Doe”, reposting of tweets and publicly available information is covered in the terms of service in each platform which says user agrees that third parties may view or republish content.

      Have a great day!!!

    2. Jane Doe

      Um…to add to that…public tweets are not covered under ANY copyright laws. Not one typed character. ESPECIALLY those of which are part of court record…which is PUBLIC RECORD. So check your law book and facts before shelling out impotent threats. Wintersville should be ashamed of YOU, creep. The whole doc is centered around teaching the youth between right and wrong. Sorry a bunch or degenerate criminals decided to rape a girl in 2012 making Steubenville the star of the show once again…maybe teach your children morals and you wont be here again mmmkay

    3. Who Dey

      Well it’s nice to see none of y’all Vile ummm .. I mean Ville people are bitter.

      1. prinnie (Post author)

        Sadly, the consensus in that town continues to appear as though they still protect those who stood by and did NOTHING to intervene in a rape. I guess some things never change.

    4. Roll Redneck Roll

      Let me introduce you to the internet. You must be new here. Just as you can video record someone in a public setting because there is no reasonable expectation of privacy there, the same goes for open forums on the internet. It’s called public domain. Twitter (and Facebook, Instagram, etc.,) are not capable of modifying copyright law to create a property right that does not otherwise exist. If the material you post through Twitter isn’t copyrightable to begin with, it will not magically transform into protectable property merely by being Tweeted. Even if that was the case (it’s not), you yourself said the names were visible, so credit would have effectovely been given to the original author(s) of the post.

  2. By Stander

    I hope they all make a showing, so everyone can see how ugly this case has been, and how expendable young girls are. Like a sacrifice to their football Gods

  3. Jane Doe

    It is HILARIOUS these freaks still troll Prinnie’s blog

    Nope…not bitter at all…noooope

  4. Just another watcher

    I was impressed. No mention of………. and who can blame anyone for leaving …………….out? Everyone that has ever been involved with …………………… , he sues. The story is much better, uncomplicated, and without court interference without …………… . Good job to all. I hope it goes on to win more awards, and gets more and more praise.


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