Adults Threatening 12-Year Old Transgender Student

Today it was brought to my attention that residents in a small Oklahoma community are using their school district Facebook page to not only speak horribly about a child, but to issue threats to a 12-year old transgender student.  I would like to say that I am shocked, but honestly, NOTHING shocks me anymore. People are horrible and the only way to expose darkness is to shine a light on it.  So, here ya go:

This is despicable behavior.   This a CHILD they are referring to as “thing”. Shame on all of these subhumans.

UPDATE:  See this link for additional information regarding those who spewed their filth.

For warning these messages are pretty graphic. I thought long and hard about if I should even post this but something…

Geplaatst door Cody Futrell op Vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

Contact Information:

Elementary Principal
Lora Stanglin

Superintendent’s Office – (580) 283-3775
Fax – (580) 283-3787

Update: Donna Foster of Blanchard, OK deserves a shout out for her bigotry. Of note, her profile picture on Facebook is for child abuse awareness.  Donna’s Creations caters to bigotry. Just sayin’.



  1. prinnie (Post author)
  2. Judy Stephens

    OK, now you guys are wrong, the school has nothing to do with where these post are being made, and steps have been made to protect this child. Law and State Dept, has been involved. She is safe.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I don’t care that it is not “affiliated” with the school. The subject matter is despicable and these “people” need to charged with menacing and harassment of this child.

  3. Judy Stephens

    Again this bs is not posted on the school FB page. It is one ran by some parents whose kids had their feelings hurt at school

    1. Floyd Martin

      So that gives them the right to threaten a child?

  4. Beckey

    What are these adults teaching their children? To hate ?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Yep. That’s exactly what they are teaching them, and if you look at their FB profiles — *shock* they claim to be “Christians”.

      Looks like one of them is a professional bullrider

      Crenshaw Chemical & Fertilizer

      Edited to add:
      THANK YOU hatetrackers!!! #love4maddie

  5. Gin

    I don’t agree with the whole transgender thing. And I’m sure I would have an issue if the transgender child was being inappropriate in the girls bathroom. BUT. I would never ever insinuate harm or violence to a child. I would take it to the principal. Just as if it were any other child being inappropriate. I live in Oklahoma and although this is nowhere near where I live. I am proud to say that out local school and the community as a whole is respectful of those who believe differently and live an alternative lifestyle.


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