Tammy Moorer Gets Her “Day in Court”

FINALLY! After years of harassing and abusing the family of Heather Elvis and their supporters, Tammy Moorer will have her day in court.  Tammy and Sidney Moorer are facing conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping charges in the case of who has been missing since December 18, 2013.  According to the State of South Carolina, the Moorers were the last two people to hear from Heather Elvis. The jury consists of 7 men and 5 women.

The trial began this morning and Sidney Moorer’s name appears on the prosecution’s witness list.  Will he testify or plead the Fifth? Whatever he plans on doing, it is high time that the Mrs. saw the inside of a courtroom.  Maybe he will tell everything he knows.  The Elvis family has been through enough and need answers.

For years Tammy has used social media to harass the Elvis family, as well as use her supporters to harass others.  Immediately after Heather went missing, Tammy Moorer posted on her Facebook “Well Sidney cheated on me in the months of Sept/Oct with a psycho whore who has since went missing”.  Her online harassment of the Elvis family went on for years.  It takes a really sick person to engage in behavior for the sole purpose of tormenting the family of a missing, presumed murdered daughter.  Tammy Moorer’s behavior most certainly didn’t help her claims of innocence in the disappearance.  It was obvious that she hated Heather and she had motive to make her disappear. It was discovered that Tammy had been handcuffing her husband to the bed at night and taking his cell phone to prevent him from having contact with Heather. One might ask “Who does this!!?” and the answer is more than likely:  a woman who is apparently willing to go to extremes to keep her man from straying.

Live coverage here https://wildabouttrial.com/live-streaming/live-stream-1/

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