Moorer Family Violates Sequestration Order – Judge Denies Their Testimony for Defense

Yep…you read the title correctly. The Moorer family who were set to testify on behalf of defendant, Tammy Moorer, as the defense brings their case, has been denied from testifying on behalf of Tammy. Allegedly, they were all using electronic devices to live stream the trial in the sequestration room.  UNBELIEVABLE!  The Judge has suppressed the testimony of all three of Tammy’s children and her mother for viewing the live stream while sequestered.  You have to be a special kind of idiot to violate a direct order given by the court NOT to watch or read about the trial you are to testify in.

When called to the stand, Christian Moorer stated that he had not watched live stream, however, a witness was called – the deputy who escorts Tammy to the courtroom each day – and she testified that she saw all of them viewing the trial on Monday.  After observing Tammy Moorer for the past few years, and her outrageous and braggadocios claims on a Disney board for years, it is clear that Tammy has an issue with the truth.  It would make sense that her children would also be afflicted with that moral ineptitude…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



  1. prinnie (Post author)

    LMAO!! Ashley Caison has contradicted her testimony so many times! Keep on lyin’ girl!

  2. prinnie (Post author)

    FYI: Ashley Caisson impeached her own testimony from previously. She testified this morning that you can’t handcuff anyone to their bed and went through great pains to point to photographs that there was no way to do so, and lo and behold…Solicitor Livesay brought out interviews with Ashley stating that she had seen Sidney Moorer handcuffed to the bed.



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