Tammy Moorer Trial

Bye, girl!There is a reason that defendant’s shouldn’t take the stand, and Tammy Moorer has proven precisely why it doesn’t happen often.  I’ve watched a lot of trials and while I am no expert, as a layperson who has had the misfortune of dealing with Mrs. Tammy Moorer and her ilk, she behaved herself exactly the same way that she has behaved over the past few years that I have observed her.

She was sarcastic, defiant, rude, and uncooperative.  Sure, she wants to tell her side, but she did herself no favors by doing so.  She came off as a know-it-all and a snot.  She was publicly corrected for referring to the Solicitor by her first name, Nancy.  She showed her ass on the stand.  She lied on the stand and she contradicted what her husband, Sidney Moorer has testified to in the past.  She claims she never handcuffed Sidney to the bed…he testified otherwise.

Tammy claims that she didn’t have a problem with Heather…her own Facebook posts show different. Not only did she have a problem with Heather, she spent a great deal of time harassing her family.  She and her minions paid someone to write horrible articles about the Elvis family and Heather.

As the jury goes into deliberation, I am hoping that they come to an informed and unanimous decision regarding Tammy Moorer’s guilt in the kidnapping and disappearance of Heather Elvis.

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