Tammy Moorer Found GUILTY!

A South Carolina jury found Tammy Moorer GUILTY of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping this afternoon.  I have to admit that I literally yelled out loud!  This is one defendant that I am happy to see carted off to the big house. Kidnapping is a Class A felony per South Carolina  and is therefore a “no parole” offense. Tammy Moorer is 46 now and will be in her 70s when she is released.

The Elvis family did stand to give victim impact statements to the Court and Debbie Elvis told the Court how the Moorer’s weren’t satisfied to do whatever it is they did to Heather, but had to disparage her in the public eye and on social media as well.  She told the Court that they had been put through hell for the past 5 years, and when that wasn’t enough the Moorer’s hired others who harassed and tormented the Elvis family.  What this family went through is horrendous.

Tammy, being the narcissist that she is, stood before the Judge and blamed her defense team for inadequate representation and again blamed everyone else but herself. She even had the gall to state that she was Heather’s biggest advocate!  My jaw dropped.  No.  She is no one’s advocate but Tammy Moorer’s.  Heather’s last moments on this earth must have been terrifying.

I can’t help but smile knowing that tonight Tammy Moorer sits in a lonely cell about to start her 30 year incarceration.  It doesn’t bring Heather home but it is some comfort to know that part of the gruesome twosome is paying for what they did to Heather and to her family. Tammy thought she had this all figured out and that she could sit on the stand and bully her accusers yet again.  How’d that work out for ya, Tam?

As for the others who engaged in tormenting this family, all one can hope for is that karma shits on their doorstep.  They deserve it tenfold.

You can hear her statements to the Judge in the video below.

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