Covington Catholic, Check Your Privilege

Within the past 48-hours of the video of the boys from Covington Catholic going viral, I am not at all surprised by the parents and their community buckling down and making excuses of #fakenews and claiming that “MSM manipulation of actual events and an outright misrepresentation of what occurred this time jeopardizing the future of good kids.” I guess I shouldn’t expect that parents of kids who publicly humiliate themselves, their families and their communities should take ownership of their bad behavior. It’s not like we all haven’t witnessed this before. *eye roll* Instead, parents and those in their community are making accusations that these good kids are being railroaded and set up by MSM. Instead of taking ownership of the bad behavior, they blame others and there isn’t one real apology from any of them. A half-assed statement from the one whose face is all over every television set in the country was issued, but there was no apology. He didn’t do nuffin – it was everyone else. Meanwhile, back at the farm, the other 44 whose faces are all over social media are quietly sitting by letting their buddy Nick take the public pounding for something they are equally responsible for.

These boys weren’t behaving like “good kids”.

They were in Washington DC for the March for Life. It is not a worthy cause for the students. That is a matter of opinion and one that I don’t share. These boys were being indoctrinated into patriarchal thinking that they as men or Catholics have any say so about what a woman does with her body, let alone her very personal decision to make birth choices. These young men are taught to demean, harass and intimidate women who might be trying to get into Planned Parenthood for services. Ask any clinic escort what these types of “good kids” do. While they are marching for life, I have to wonder why an unborn life is so much more important than say…the thousands of immigrant children who have been separated from their families and will probably never be reunited. But their red MAGAt hats solidify why the living babies don’t matter. So, no, their cause was not worthy.

Nicholas Sandmann has since released a statement and in my opinion, it’s nothing more than a show of his privilege and failure to take ownership of his very obvious disrespect for an older person. My parents would have smacked the smirk right off of my face for doing what he did. Period. I can hear my father saying “Get that shit eating grin off your face or I’ll knock it off”. That’s what it was. It was a smirk. He was challenging an adult. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Or maybe his family is so out of touch with other cultures and people of color that it’s okay in their household to disrespect others. They obviously didn’t teach him not to get up in someone’s face. The MAGA hat just made the situation and any still photographs that are out there that much more obscene. As I wrote in my previous post, this particular school has had some issues in the past (rapey basketball player, blackface student at Halloween, harassing others because of their sexual preference). This appears as though these boys are being treated as though they are somehow better than others. No one wants to just take ownership for their behavior. I’ve read a lot of Facebook posts over the past two days and the rot starts at home. The diocese has condemned their actions and the parents are mad as hell because of it. However, families and friends of these “good boys” are terribly concerned about having their reputations ruined for all time. Oh my goodness! Poor PJ! Poor Squii! Poor Tobin and poor, poor Bart! I hope they mark this horrible day down on their calendars for reference to it in 20 years. /sarcasm

Here’s the released statement. It seems that the people grasping their pearls and proclaiming that the boys have been railroaded are…MAGAts. The term fake news is being tossed around and of course, everyone else is being blamed for these kids being assholes except for the kids – who were being assholes. These kids publicly showed their asses and have put a smear on their families, their community and their school’s name for all time.

One of the boys present – you walk away. That’s what you do.

I mean…what can I even say about this comment from a local about the situation. An “older long haired fellow banging a drum walks up to a handsome young man in MAGA hat and proceeds to bang his drum in his face.” Seriously?

Edited to add: And there’s more. Local attorney Brian Halloran accuses the Native American tribe of altering video. I think what people are so repulsed by is the fact that these boys behaved like little assholes. They were disrespectful. What is so hard in admitting that they acted like disrespectful jerks? Some of his comments are just disgusting. Gosh, it’s hard to understand how these boys might act the way they do. /sarcasm

Brian Halloran

Brian Halloran conquered. We murdered them in battle. We didn’t just sneak in. It’s how shit was done back then.


  1. Laura Garber

    Do people not know how to walk away? Just walk away from a situation your not prepared to handled. This young man had choices and when you hear Mr. Phillips story whonspoke immediately, he was trying to stop and interaction between these students and what now looks like has been identified as the Black Israelites, if this is true some real violence may have been stopped in which these boys could have been injures. This should be a teaching moment for them and their families they do not rule the world….the original streams probably came from cell phones that their own friends put online then went viral….so don’t blame MSM……blame yourselves. You now have your fifteen minutes of fame as does your school and your state showing your what seems to your ignorance and your lack of respect for life.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Brian Halloran Tory Lunsford you are pathetic, ignorant and part of the reason these KIDS are getting death threats from adults. Sod off you troll.

      That’s from a local. That was his response to someone who said that

      I choose to standby what I saw. A young man acting out of line. Someone his parents should be ashamed of, not apologizing for. I’m not a republican or a Democrat, but you should be disgusted with your self.

      This person is right. Why isn’t anyone addressing the disrespectful behavior of all these boys?


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