Er’body is Getting SUED!

Well…it had to happen. There should be a handbook for privileged shit parenting because the Covington Catholic High School parents just took a page out of it. *le sigh* Rather than owning the behavior of their kids, which was DISRESPECTFUL, the threat of defamation suits are being tossed around as well as “criminal charges” for federal child abuse. WUT? What does that even mean?

Instead of using this as a teaching moment about showing respect for older people, the blame is deflected onto those who are speaking out about the very bad behavior displayed by these boys. So hire those attorneys to sue 50 gajillion Twitter users who called their kids assholes. Again…their privilege is showing and that’s not how any of this works.

As seen on Twitter:


They even set up a database to report anyone who spoke negatively of the MAGAt Youth. The story is now being exploited by conservative pundits and grifters. Warnings are being posted about ambulance chasers who are going to sue the Diocese…for what? Condemning bad behavior? LOL

But…it looks like the boys were harassing women before they debuted their assholish behavior on a national stage.

And there’s more. Someone wants to file federal child abuse charges. I don’t even know what that is. Why can’t these parents just take ownership for their failure to teach their kids basic social skills and respect? Don’t parents teach their children about respecting their elders anymore? Or to behave in public in a manner that won’t humiliate your family?

Brian Summe

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