Covington Catholic: “It’s not rape if you enjoy it”

I’m just going to put this right here. The video is the same group of Covington Catholic High School kids. This time showing girls from the girls school, and not one of them said a word about this comment “It’s not rape if you enjoy it”. This is disgusting and these kids are not innocent as their parents’ PR firm is trying to paint them. They showed their true selves when the surrounded and taunted Nathan Phillips. This video shows the vulgarity of their thought process. These boys are the product of failed parenting who have been unleashed unto the world. These are boys who think that rape is okay; that intimidation and harassment is okay and that they are entitled to behave like this in a public space.

Parents beware: keep your daughters away from these toxic males. There is already one accused rapist from this school. Jake Walter, a former basketball player at the school, has been accused of rape multiple times and was registered as a juvenile sex offender in 2018. 

I wonder if they’ve seen the rape comment video – not that it would change any of their minds. These people are oblivious. Much like the parents of the Steubenville kids who swore their children could do no harm and were good kids.

Wesley DetersJanuary 20 at 3:49 PM
As a wife to a CCH Alum, a Park Hills resident and a mother of three boys, I will take this moment and establish proud support for our hometown Covington Catholic Colonels; Our Boys. It is clear, now that most video evidence has been shared, the CCH students have become victims to an enraged Progressive Leftist agenda. The disgusting accusations surrounding a “Build the Wall” chant is a LIE. The pitiful fake news reports regarding “Smugness and Defiance” is a LIE. The assertion of “Intimidation Tactics” by CCH students is a LIE.

It is NOW TIME to rally our community in unified support behind our Colonels, stand up to the National Mainstream Media (and all #fakenews outlets), promote the message that NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION BE TAKEN, and take pride that, in fact, the true message from Friday’s March is that #CovingtonCatholic supports a Pro Life agenda! #IStandWithCCH #MAGA

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  1. Maureen Grady-Gerrein, LCSW, Therapist

    While this may seem to be too graphic for some people, we know that even small children who are abused can feel pleasure from being masturbated. However, this is abuse and victimization of an underage child. It is a shame that our boys are not taught that the objectification of females is inappropriate. Females do not deserve to be raped because they wear short skirts. Maureen Grady-Gerrein, LCSW, Therapist


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